Chaturbate moves to video game streaming

Taking advantage of changes in habits due to Covid19, Chaturbate is making some changes to its offers. From now on, the site for viewing porn sequences offers streaming. Find out more details about this little revolution for the porn industry.

Chaturbate is diversifying!

Chaturbate remains the site for shows and camgirls as it has been since its creation in 2011. The platform has quite simply enriched its catalog of offers. From now on, it is possible to broadcast video game clips on Chaturbate. Loyal subscribers will be able to discover naughty sequences in 3D. This new feature benefits developers who can promote their titles through passages with explicitly sexual content. is not and never will be Twitch. Subscribers will never see games played by talented gamers. From time to time, broadcasters can share clips that are important to them. Perhaps the images will be able to titillate the site’s customers. They are informed adults. They expect clearly explicit adult content or even porn.

Video game streaming is an option

Announced in the middle of summer 2021, this news was a surprise for developers and Chaturbate streaming subscribers alike. This platform has always been formally opposed to virtual content and by extension video game extracts. The tide has turned and 3D sex sequences are now welcome.

Those responsible for Chaturbate themselves have changed the very strict rules they have imposed on themselves regarding intellectual property. From now on, images from third party authors, in this case video game developers, are tolerated. What was once an obstruction of House politics is allowed. Which does not, however, rule out any misunderstanding with the studios.

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Pornographic or sexy game

To change the Chaturbate cam girl, the Internet user can enjoy images taken from video games. Moreover, many entertainment content publishers offer titles that relate to sex. For the moment, it is mainly independent productions that are included in the catalog. The platform has even set up a list of approved games.

You will have to wait to rub your eyes on Hentai, that is to say erotic manga or parodies of popular cartoons. In the meantime, the usual numbers continue. For beginners, Chaturbate offers live shows in front of the webcam. The actors and actresses engage in various sections such as artistic nudity, masturbation or real lovemaking.

No major titles in the catalog, for the moment

Video game fans should still be patient before being able to associate their favorite title with pornography. Chaturbate sex do not broadcast extracts from Cyberpunk or FIFA. It is more alternative creations such as Future Fragment or SpunkStock which will appear on the screen.

While waiting to see more “olé olé” video games on Chaturbate, Internet users will still be able to enjoy its 5 usual categories. These are female, male, couples, transgender, and Spy shows content. This last section uses the style of the hidden camera to the delight of voyeurs! So, thank you who?