Petite Tina

colorful violence, swearing and a thousand references

I’m a disaster and I have no cure. I have accepted it, but I still manage to surprise myself on certain occasions. I usually use the PlayStation Wishlist system, as it works similarly to Steam: you receive an alert in the app and/or by email when added games are released and/or on sale. This is a very bad idea, especially when you have games waiting.

A few days ago, the PlayStation app informed me that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands was on sale: a glorious 75% which left it at 18.74 euros compared to 74.99 euros. Last Friday, March 15, I got one Civil war that we have all experienced at some point in front of a store.

The offer was very good, especially since the purchase was 48.73 euros with the Season Pass. My little inner voice quickly came in to spoil the party: you’ve played it over and over again on PC, you’re trying to get The Division 2, Destiny 2, Helldivers 2, and Skull and bones ; and you have waiting three STALKER classics Yes Baldur’s Gate 3 .

It was a good point, but there was a problem: the trial key I was given for the Epic Games Store was locked when I launched the game, so I couldn’t continue playing. Not that he needs to refute me much. I had processed the purchase and downloaded the game while I was thinking about all of this. So yes, I spent the weekend (15 hours in total) playing D&D with little Tina.

Rediscover the wonderlands of Tiny Tina: if that makes you happy, it’s there

Gearbox Software holds a special place in my heart. Neither better nor worse than other studios that develop video games, simply special. They are the creators of the Borderlands franchise, which includes Little Tina’s Wonderland . If we assume that all video games are made to make us happy, then these have x2 intentionality… at least from my point of view.

Little Tina

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express exactly the happiness I felt this weekend while playing Little Tina’s Wonderland …and that I will continue to feel until I finish squeezing it. Its world is incredible, it has one of the best Spanish dubs in the universe (like the rest of Borderlands), the anachronistic idea of ​​combining medieval fantasy with guns is a marvel and it’s awesome to be presented as a Dungeons & Dragons game.

Arriving at the Kingdom of Cascoalegre for the first time is an audiovisual spectacle that I could not get over. The castle rises on the horizon and Tina’s high (but cold) voice resonates. The scene begins to change as he recounts what is happening, as if the game were our imagination:

Before you rises the imposing wall of Cascoalegre, but you are not the only newcomers. An army of skeletons is attacking the city! Catapults! Skeletons! Skeleton ships! Huge bombs are raining!

It’s not enough for the good guys at Gearbox Software to reach for the absurd and a little more. They push the absurd to the limits of absurdity and add two containers of absurdities to make it even more hilarious. And if your humor level is at these levels, as mine is, the only possible reaction to these situations includes only the spectrum between silly laughter and laughter.

Tiny Tina S Wonderlands 20240317030641
Tiny Tina S Wonderlands 20240317030641

Little Tina’s Wonderland It has the ability to make me smile all the time, but there are some particularly hilarious moments, even by the standards of absurdity it manages. One of them is located in the area that I like to call “the kingdom of mushrooms” (from the mushroom, belonging to mushrooms), where the enemies are mushrooms and their derivatives.

There takes place a secondary mission with the crazy Claptrap, one of the most mythical characters of the Borderlands . This fool is looking for legendary weapons and gadgets. It refers to the Lady of the Lake, Excalibur and the sorcerer Mervin, not Merlin.

Little Tina1
Little Tina1

In case there are few references in the mission, Gearbox adds one to Lord of the Rings before seeing the wizard:

Claptrap: Fetén. Let us now open the ancient and famous gates of the Mervin estate. Let’s see, these elven symbols say: speak friend and enter. Ah, I have an idea! Page, how to say friend in Elvish.

Character: I know how to insult the enemy in a hundred different languages, but friend is not part of my vocabulary.

Claptrap: Ugh…Okay. Mervin, I am Mr. Claptrap, mighty among heroes! I’m coming ready for Extra-Caliber, so open…

And without further ado, Mervin opens the door. Now comes the loop of absurdity: Mervin is divided into many illusions and Claptrap sends several of them at me without any sense or concern. After falling into the second trap, he attempts to save me and ends up sending me to what is considered an alternate plane… which is the Unreal Engine itself. Claptrap calls it “the gray plains of the unreal”, which is a reference to The Matrix in a reference to the game engine. “Don’t look too closely at anything. You shouldn’t know this part.”

Tina Chiquitita2
Tina Chiquitita2

I think everyone, even those of you who haven’t played, will be able to understand how Gearbox is capable of pushing the absurd to the limits of the absurd… And with references to films, series and video games in between! It’s a constant bombardment of nonsense, jokes and good vibes that just makes me unable to stop smiling and being infinitely happy.

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Another very silly moment was when I had to retrieve the legendary artifact and the guardian woke up from his sleep to prevent it. The options were to attack him, seduce him and listen to him. She didn’t want a fight and she knew she couldn’t seduce him with a Tina joke. He gave me a very long tirade about his life and why I couldn’t take the camera. I listened to it on the wireless headphones while I made a mixed sandwich and had a Coca-Cola, and I had time to eat! The guard was tired and I left with the artifact without a fight.

I’ll save the story of the evil beanstalk for another post. The last bit of this post is another one of my favorite moments in the game: when the bard, Torgue, has to bless my ship and ends up bombarding the sea with nuclear missiles. This is not a metaphor: he literally bombards the sea to kill it and make it disappear.

Tina Chiquitita3
Tina Chiquitita3

“The time has come! Let’s break this fucking ocean into pieces!”, shouts the damn madman. “Fuck you, ocean! I’ll see you in hell!” he continues as a giant wave comes towards us. And to top it all off, Tina chimes in: “The ocean has been…defeated.” I promise you that both times I experienced this scene, I finished it laugh out in my bed and with stomach aches. It is the culmination of the absurd, the useless, the random and the excess.

Little Tina’s Wonderland I feel at home, I identify very well with the experience he offers and, although it may seem absurd, his humor and his style mean a lot to me. At the risk of saying more about my mental state than the game, the feeling is of being with someone (or something) that truly is who it is. Being on the same page as a game is something unique. Don’t doubt my return with little Tina in the next posts!