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Communication: 5 graphic creations and their prices

Whether physical or virtual, communication is very important for a business. Depending on the needs, the available budget, the target, the type of communication or even the type of business, there are various communication media. In addition, the graphic designers who take care of their design have different profiles and charge varying prices. All these considerations give rise to a broad price scale which complicates budget forecasts. To help you, here are the prices for five common graphic designs.

Establish a graphic charter with a professional

The graphic charter is made up of all the visual elements necessary to forge a brand image. Most people reduce it to the company logo, but there are other elements that make it up, namely: the colors of the company, the typography, or even the tone.

The graphic charter is used in all communication strategies deployed by the company. It is therefore the most widespread graphic creation. This explains the existence of many agencies that offer graphic charter design services.

To realize a graphic projectthe price of a freelance graphic designer

Offer a quality business catalog

There is no need to repeat the importance of catalogs for a business. It is the document of choice for prospects and customers. The catalog not only presents the products and services available, it also shows corporate style, its rigor, its vision, etc.

Depending on the number of pages, the price of a quality catalog starts at €950 excluding tax if the company already has a graphic charter. Otherwise, it will have to provide at least €1,850 excluding tax. These basic rates are valid for a 20-page document.

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Communicate with flyers

Flyers have been and remain a very good way to quickly deliver useful information about a company. If, in principle, flyers are printed on paper, it is possible to have digital flyers to advertise the brand or specific offers.

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There design of an A5 flyer costs between €130 and €190 excluding tax. This price does not include printing or taxes. It will more or less approach this price range depending on whether the service provider is an agency or a freelancer, depending on the nature of the work and even the city in which it is located.

Create professional posters

Advertising posters are also very common graphic creations. They are in such high demand that people who are not graphic designers offer to create them for companies at ridiculously low prices. Some business leaders allow themselves to be convinced because poster prices are very varied. They can be between €700 and €2,500 excluding tax for professional posters. Prices start at €500 excluding tax for association posters.

The difference between a €700 poster and a €2500 poster should not be based on the goodwill of the graphic designer. It depends on the type of poster, dimensions, design used, etc. It is therefore important to be vigilant.

Invest in advertising brochures

During a meeting or at a trade fair, it is very useful to send advertising brochures to customers or potential investors. Unlike flyers or leaflets, brochures mention institutional information and general information about the company. They are very important in the search for partners.

Their price is between:

  • 210 and 330 € excluding VAT for A4 formats with a single panel,
  • 400 and 600 € excluding tax for A4 formats with two panels,
  • 600 and 900 euros excluding VAT for the A4 with three shutters.

So do not hesitate to ask for quotes from different graphic designers to find the service provider who best meets your communication budget.