Communication: effective paper media

Business communication is essential to inform consumers of the availability of your items and encourage them to purchase them. By advertising your business and your offers, you have a greater chance of developing your customer portfolio and generating a significant turnover. Today, there are an infinite number of means of communication, including paper media. Contrary to popular belief, paper communication is still relevant today, despite the advent of digital media. So, what are the best paper advertising materials? Answers in this article.

What are the advantages of print communication?

In many sectors of activity, print is still as effective as digital support, when used correctly. Since it is a physical medium, it is easier to use and allows information to be distributed more quickly.

It is important to keep in mind that sight is a sense that should not be neglected in a communication strategy that aims to be effective. Indeed, it promotes better reception of information. Furthermore, it is always nice to have printed material with you, which you can take everywhere and re-read as many times as you want. So, with beautiful flyers designed by a professional like imprimeriediscount.fr for example, it is possible to reach as many people as with a digital medium.

In addition, the paper support is sufficient in itself. Unlike digital communication which uses electronic tools, print communication stands out for its simplicity. Indeed, this type of support can be directly given to the target audience or placed in a public place where everyone can help themselves as they wish.

In this way, visibility is guaranteed and the message will be transmitted to the people concerned. In addition, we see that a good part of today’s public is more receptive to printed media, because they are more sensitive to a return to their sources.

Finally, paper communication allows contact between consumers and the brand. When distributing flyers or brochures for example, customers or prospects have the opportunity to ask questions directly and to have clear and appropriate answers. Which is not really possible in the context of a discussion by email or instant messaging.

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Now that you know more about the advantages of print communication, discover the essential paper supports for advertising your products.

The business card: a physical support for communication

The business card is a strategic communication tool that allows the recipient to have an overview of a company’s services. In general, it includes the different ways that customers can contact the company. It must therefore contain: the company logo, the first and last name of the card owner, the position he holds in the company, his contacts as well as those of the company (telephone, email address, website, etc.).

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The business card represents an important vector of communication for companies. It is therefore essential for brands that want to reach a large number of customers. The usefulness of these communication supports is revealed time and time again. These occasions include professional events such as fairs, conferences, exhibitions, prospecting, etc.

It is also a powerful advertising tool because it helps promote the business. This is precisely why brands are advised to guarantee elegant, professional and attractive tailoring. By carefully designing your business cards, you will be able to use unique and very captivating materials to stand out from the competition.

Finally, the business card is a versatile communication support and very affordable. Compared to certain traditional communication techniques, the business card allows you to reduce marketing costs.

The flyer: an unbeatable part of paper communication

The flyer is a mini-format prospectus whose role is to inform customers and encourage them to buy. This paper medium is highly appreciated by companies for the multiple advantages it offers.

The flyer is effective. Indeed, to share content of a promotional or informational nature, it is a preferred tool. Resistant and durable, the flyer remains in impeccable condition for a long time. It therefore has nothing in common with a simple loose leaf.


By opting for a heavier weight and high print quality, you will obtain flyers that are resistant to scratches, wear, folding, water and fading. In fact, your prospects, customers and partners will be able to keep them for longer.

Then the flyer is easy to share. You can therefore distribute them at the reception of your company or your store, during professional events, in the street, etc. You can also leave the flyer in mailboxes or under the windshield wipers of cars parked in front of your business.

Finally, the flyer is a customizable medium. One of the strong points of the flyer is that you are not forced to follow a defined model. You can therefore add a personal touch to your flyers to better attract prospects. You have the freedom to choose the format and colors of your mini-format prospectus. However, for this communication medium to play its marketing role, we advise you to respect your graphic charter.

The poster: the paper medium par excellence for successful communication

The poster is a very economical communication tool. Indeed, designing and placing posters in the right place is an excellent way to bring together a large number of consumers. You’ll get the same result as a TV ad by spending less.

In addition, the poster can capture the attention of an impressive number of people. The more passers-by see your product poster, the more they will want to get closer to your brand to find out more and even purchase the product.

Better yet, the use of a poster for an advertising campaign is an old tradition which does not lose its splendor over the years. Thus, despite the numerous developments in the field of communication, this channel still remains effective and credible.