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Community management: a growing profession

A profession still little known in France, Community management is one of the many professions born from Web 2.0 and which dates from the creation of social networks. The advent of the Internet and social media has given rise to a new generation of communicators. This is a position dedicated to listening to customers and a wider audience. It is also a job for a man or woman of action who is bubbling with proposals. This article sheds more light on the Community manager and his mission.

Currently, there is very little training dedicated to this profession; most CMs most often draw their skills from their experience in the digital field.

The objective of community management

Not to be confused with the person who practices it, Community management is a profession in its own right. To summarize, the goal is to manage interactions with the Internet audience. The profession mainly focuses on social networks. In addition to publications and moderation, running pages dedicated to a brand takes up the Community Manager’s (CM) time. In addition to his interpersonal skills, he knows statistics.

There is no need to have little or no experience in social management, it is a profession that is open to a wide audience and everyone (or almost everyone) can become a community manager. As with social media influencers, there are no specific qualifications required. However, web marketing skills and perfect mastery of social networks will be essential. The Community manager can operate internally as an employee or as an offshore service provider. In both cases, there will be numerical objectives to achieve.

Several statuses, but recurring missions for the Community manager

Employee, independent or working in a communications agency, a CM must achieve realistic and defined objectives over time. Some brands impose number of views on pages. Others want to get a high redirection and conversion rate to their stores. There are also those who want to improve their presence within various communities and gain notoriety on Google. Suffice to say that the objectives are as varied as there are projects, they change from one company to another. The profession evolves at the same pace as technology and consumer habits and to keep pace, you should not be afraid to follow various specialized training courses in communication.

Here are some of the main tasks to accomplish for the Community manager:

  • Contribute to the definition of the communication strategy as a source of proposals.
  • Produce content for the company’s website and social media
  • Ensure a flow of articles, photos, videos and possibly podcasts.
  • Take care of natural referencing (SEO) and advertising on Google (SMO).
  • Carry out concrete actions on platforms such as Facebook or YouTube.
  • Juggle with tools specific to Community management, particularly statistics.

People authorized to manage communities

community management

Community management is not limited to commercial brands. The profession may also aim to promote an ideology or a person. As a result, CMs can come from various backgrounds. Business school graduates are welcome in the profession. Those who come from IT and technology studies institutes are also in their place. Then, there are those who have innate interpersonal skills. Considered a jack of all trades on the Web, the Community manager is not good in any particular area. Like a versatile Swiss army knife, it does not replace specialists, but must master the digital world and social interactions within communities from all walks of life.

The CM’s missions change from one structure to another, but the key words are often the same. The Community manager must promote, make visible, animate, engage and retain fans. These actions often require collaboration with other staff members. In particular, it will be necessary to join hands with the communications manager and the digital marketing manager. These are areas that a CM should be very knowledgeable. It is also in his interest to know the activity of the company that employs him well. As with call center agents, there are scripts to follow and terms to use.

Facilitator talents with ability to provide content

Animation is one of the main missions of a Community manager. The latter must take on the role of blogger. This is the person who provides the additional pages which will enrich the tree structure of a website. Like the webmaster, he is responsible for updating the pages except those which are intended to be static. Blogging currently aims to make visiting an Internet portal much more interesting and to activate various communication levers. Content with high added value is intended to be shared and discussed on the web and more particularly, on social networks. The more popular an article is, the more likely it will be well placed in Google results.

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In addition to Facebook publications and Twitter missives, web writing is a common task of the Community manager. Companies grant him a certain freedom of communication and style. However, there will always be a directive or editorial line to respect. The production of digital content serves to inform members of a community and to push products towards them. This is why the CM must know WordPress and other online publishing tools. You need to master photo editing to position yourself well on Instagram. Video editing is required for YouTube, DailyMotion and Tik-Tok.

Proven SEO skills

SEO is one of the web professions but it is also yet another daily concern in Community management. The CM must think about natural referencing when writing articles for a site’s blog. He needs to find the right keywords. Currently, Google’s indexing robots know how to recognize quality original content. The text should have added value, to position it in the TOP results pages on search engines.

Optimizing your position on Google is a small part of the job. It is also up to the CM to be responsible for the SMO. It’s the search for good visibility on social networks. The goal is to redirect members of different social networks to the company’s official website. The actions to be carried out follow a real digital communication strategy. For example, each article must have a button for sharing on community networks. Conversely, videos, photos and other content must point to a brand.

Power of proposals for social media

A good community manager must find a way to interact with fans. It is up to him to imagine the games and other competitions to organize. In some cases, it is enough to launch a challenge on Tik Tok. In other cases, it’s about product placement. The CM knows the influencers his employer can trust. Brands generally prefer videos with a touch of humor. You have to look for a way to talk about an item for sale without using the advertising tone of television. As he spends his time on sharing platforms, the community manager can provide inspiration.

Organizational skills are necessary for a career as a CM. This animation expert must be able to manage quizzes or other fun activities. It can benefit from a budget taken directly from the communication envelope. This person has an interest in offering activities that ensure an excellent return on investment. Many tools will be in his hands so that he can carry out his mission. These include paid campaigns on social media.

Serving the marketing department

The community manager is not always immersed in the pages and sites of the company that employs him. Under the responsibility of the marketing or communications department, he must also keep a watchful eye on the web and the competition. Some companies will even base their strategy in reaction to the maneuvers of commercial adversaries. It is up to him to find a response to an idea that has created a buzz. Furthermore, it is essential to respond to current events and ride the waves that have hit the headlines.

Knowledge of Web marketing tools such as Scoop It, SocialShare or Feedly allows you to be in tune with what is happening on Web 2.0. Some of them send notifications or launch alerts when there are keywords to explore. This part is completed by a little administration. Like a secretary, the CM is responsible for newsletters, email distribution, tracking, curation, advertising and statistical analyzes of all kinds. He must also report to his supervisor. Often, the boss just wants to know if his company has achieved the objectives in accordance with the performance indicators (KPI).

What are the main social networks to master if you plan to become a Community Manager?

Moving towards web careers and considering working in a field such as community management implies knowing and mastering the main social networks. To give you an idea, here is the list of the most popular networks:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • Messenger
  • WeChat
  • Telegram
  • Douyin
  • Youtube
  • Twitter