Company meal tray: a small revolution is underway

Long neglected in certain companies, the meal tray is currently taking on a new face. A small revolution is taking place both in the service and in the menus offered and their packaging. Corporate caterers now offer varied meal platters, concerned about the environment, but also the local economy. What changes are underway? What about the benefits? We invite you to discover the innovations in this high-potential sector.

Meal delivery with reusable tableware

have a meal tray deliveredincrease in the number of meal deliveries, that of corporate caterers also followed the movement. Employees of different companies place orders or subscribe to platforms. Thus, they receive their meals daily in often disposable packaging.

One of the great revolutions currently taking place is the use of reusable tableware for the delivery of meal trays to businesses. In fact, disposable packaging constitutes a significant source of pollution. Plastic is singled out here by associations fighting for environmental protection. Since the catering and food sector is one of the biggest polluters, corporate caterers are banking on innovation. The latter offer packaging specially designed for their activities. They deliver meals in ecological boxes.

Reusable tableware, but stylish, is the little touch of innovation from corporate caterers. Here, we are far from models made of melamine or too fragile porcelain. The packaging is made from plant residues and specially developed for the deliverable format. Robust and elegant, they allow you to eat a complete and tasty meal, even in the office.

In terms of service, corporate caterers deliver the meal trays, and collect their dishes and utensils to wash them, then be able to reuse them. A process that aims to be practical, innovative and concerned with our ecosystem.

company meal tray

Healthy and varied menus based on local products

There are still some preconceived ideas about meal delivery. Customers often think they are receiving frozen and environmentally unfriendly products. Stereotypes that caterers concerned about the health of their customers are trying to break. Indeed, meal delivery is booming due to the health context. Nowadays, everything is delivered, including the refined dishes of great restaurants. Furthermore, healthy menus are particularly popular. We are talking here about fresh and organic products that appeal to consumers.

In addition to offering organic and quality products, corporate caterers now collaborate with local producers (breeders, market gardeners, farmers, fishermen, etc.). Many professionals in the sector favor the short circuit to save the local economy and support producers. This initiative aims to offer the best products to customers, and to consume local, natural and seasonal products. The fact that corporate caterers favor organic and fresh food is also the promise of cuisine rich in flavors.

The real revolution in the delivery of meal trays to businesses is also diversification of menus. The choices range from a vegetarian platter to a gluten-free or lactose-free menu. Currently, caterers care about the different lifestyles of their customers (vegetarian, vegan, ketogenic diet, etc.). They offer menus developed according to the seasons, but also customer preferences. The objective is to satisfy the greatest number of consumers according to their tastes and needs.

A healthy and balanced diet at work

Employees often complain about the quality of meals consumed at their workplace. In most cases, they are too high in calories, unpalatable or lacking in taste. Those who are concerned about the quality of their diet at any time of the day can order a meal tray. Qualified caterers offer their delivery service as well as a varied menu.

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Thanks to the diversity of dishes offered, you no longer have to worry about the quality of your diet at work. Many companies are also call on caterers to provide their meal service. They also contact them for events such as seminars, conferences or meetings. In this way, caterers deliver a buffet, drinks or other preparations to be consumed at the office.

eat healthy work

A zero-waste consumption mode that advocates the circular economy

Ecological issues are at the heart of the concerns of all companies, whatever their size. They are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, but above all the production of non-recyclable waste like plastic. Takeaway food packaging is included in the list of waste to be limited. This is the case for disposable cutlery such as plastic trays and bowls as well as straws. In short, all single-use packaging is classified as pollutants. However, they are widely used in meal delivery, including those in businesses.

Caterers are revolutionizing their sector of activity by offering delivery of meal trays with reusable cutlery. This “zero waste” initiative is becoming a trend among catering and food players. Those who have adopted it have also seen their number of collaborations increase. More and more companies are using the services of an environmentally conscious caterer to deliver quality meals to their employees.

Furthermore, the zero waste initiative in the delivery of meal trays to businesses results from a socially committed approach. This system is based on a circular economy which values ​​each stage of the process. Of choice of local products and seasonal to the delivery of meals in reusable dishes, it’s a whole world that comes together. These decisions subsequently generate employment, support an entire economy and at the same time reduce pollution due to CO2 emissions.

Promoting made in France in an ecological way

Still within the framework of zero waste, caterers use reusable tableware made in France for their delivery. Professionals then collaborate with local artisans to design their special delivery lunch box, while others create their own tableware in a deliverable format. Some highlight French know-how in the creation of various packaging for delivery:

  • individual meal,
  • buffets,
  • appetizers,
  • drinks or any liquid food,
  • etc.

One of the small revolutions in the delivery of meal trays to businesses is also the choice of materials to design the packaging. Aside from their very careful design, the caterers did not lack ingenuity to work with ecological products. Certain containers intended for delivery are then made from plant residues such as potato peelings for example. The result is quite impressive, because the dishes are robust. It does not fear shocks and maintains the temperature of food without risk of particle transmission. This phenomenon has in fact been observed on plastic materials and presents a significant danger to health.

In short, meal delivery by caterers is carried out in ecological boxes in addition to being made in France. These containers are environmentally friendly as they reduce the use of disposable packaging. We would like to emphasize significant reduction in the degree of pollution thanks to the initiatives of certain corporate caterers. They are setting up an eco-responsible delivery system without minimizing the practical side. Their service is a revolution for this sector, which is described as a polluter on an international scale.