Construction site sign: the essentials for making the right choice

Construction sites are places where the risk of work accidents is high. There were nearly 88,600 in 2019 on French territory. To protect users of these sites, it is common to prescribe safety rules which are generally displayed on signage. However, what characteristics must these elements have to be effective? Here we present to you the essentials to remember when choosing the right construction site panel.

Opt for personalized signs with a printer

a blank panel
Opt for a professional experienced in Akilux printing on this type of media. They generally produce cellular panels for various sectors (construction, real estate, marketing) and have different shapes. This type of printer will be better able to meet all your requirements.

Also make sure it uses mostly panels 3.5 mm thick and weighing at least 600 grams. The latter are more resistant to wind compared to those of 3 mm, which fold very quickly.

To strengthen the panel, it is important that the printer has perfect control of the correct orientation of the grooves. Placed in the right direction, they provide better resistance to the wind. It is recommended that these panels be fixed with screws and covered with washers to prevent them from being torn off.

Also check if the printer takes the ecological aspect into account in its activities. In our era, companies are encouraged to follow a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach to enhance their brand image. For this, you must rely on a professional with certifications and guarantees such as theImprim’Vert or RoHS.

construction site sign danger

Take into account the specificities of your site

It is important to consider several parameters to properly create your construction site panels. The certifications to be respected concern type AK, KM, K2, K8, KD and KC panels. These visual supports must comply with these regulations to be used.

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The choice of retroreflective material is also important. It makes the panels visible day and night, thanks to its ability to reflect light. This is what makes it an important element of construction site signage.

There are several types of microprismatic coatings intended for this use. They are categorized into classes 1/T1, 2/T2 and T2 DG fluo. The first class offers a guarantee of 7 years and 3 years respectively for the white part and the orange part. Its minimum retroreflection performance is rated at 50 cd lux/m².

For the second class, the guarantee of the white part increases to 10 years, while that of the second part does not change. Its retroreflection capacity is around 180 cd lux/m². Concerning the T2 DG fluo class, it is only composed of an orange part with a 3 year warranty. Its retroreflective performance is estimated at 275 cd lux/m².

Also be sure to select the type of panel that is right for your site. It is necessary to consider the height of the support, its dimensions, the distance which separates it from other display elements… The installation technique also plays a major role in choosing the right panel.