Corporate fair: plan reusable items to distribute

A trade show is the ideal opportunity to attract the attention of the public and make an impression. With competition becoming fierce in any sector of activity, knowing how to stand out becomes an absolute necessity. Distributing promotional items is an excellent way to communicate effectively and gain visibility. For the strategy to be effective in the long term, consider sharing reusable products that your customers or prospects can use on a daily basis. They will thus be able to remember your brand in a lasting way. Discover some of our ideas to please your targets while gaining popularity.

Reusable cups for a sustainable promotion

Reusable cups are essential promotional items at a company fair. They are a great alternative to disposable cups and allow you to highlight your ecological approach. This choice represents a real asset for your brand, at a time when environmental impacts are of great concern to consumers. Cups are useful on a daily basis and reusable models will significantly reduce waste. Your customers and prospects will then be likely to keep them even after the event. They can reuse them as many times as they want, at home or in the office.

To make a good impression and improve the image of your company, we advise you to prioritize quality. Turn to a reliable supplier capable of offer high-end cups and personalize them in your own image in a careful manner. You can find cheap personalized cups which can be used for both hot and cold drinks. To make an impression, think of a design that reflects your image. The customization options are diverse. Your brand can be written on the entire surface of the cups, on part of it or even on the lid. With cups as promotional products, you immortalize your professional event while gaining long-term visibility.

personalized advertising cups

Distribute USB keys to your visitors during the show

Do you want to impress visitors during the company fair and demonstrate innovation? So bet on USB keys as promotional goodies. This computer accessory is attracting more and more companies, because in addition to being useful and functional, it also allows effective communication. Anyone can use a USB stick, which is why it is likely to please any target profile. You can be sure that customers and prospects will treasure this gift. It will then be easy for you to mark your presence in a lasting way using a USB key. The profitability of your marketing campaign is guaranteed since your brand will definitely be successful.

In addition to standing out from competitors, you can also boost your visibility among potential customers thanks to the logo marked on the keys. It is also an effective way to reward and retain your existing customers. In addition to the external marking on the keys, you have the possibility ofintegrate a document presenting your company in the key. It’s a more original way to promote your offers and services. Thanks to the creativity of professionals, you have a multitude of choices for personalizing your keys, such as opting for an original shape.

Personalized glasses to make you stand out

Are you looking for an original and effective idea to please your prospects and customers? Go out of the ordinary and focus on unique accessories like personalized glasses. This choice will help you stand out from the competition. Sunglasses are a trendy fashion accessory. Distributing them during the show allows you to make the event more fun. The glasses can be customized in a discreet and elegant way with a small marking on the temples for example.

You can also opt for a more original and more visible design with microperforated stickers to place directly on the lenses. Adapt the design to your image to impress the audience. It is nevertheless important to choose the glasses carefully, ensuring that they meet European standards. To optimize security, favor glasses with UV protection. So, your customers and prospects will not fear anything while wearing them.

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company lounge reusable objects

The tote bag: always essential for a professional trade show

The public likes to receive useful and functional promotional items. This explains the success of personalized tote bags during a marketing campaign. These fabric bags are both trendy and practical. The recipients of this promotional gift will be able to use them on a daily basis over the long term. This will be beneficial for your brand, because its visibility will be optimal when your customers carry the fabric bag with your image on their arm outside the salon.

It is also customizable as desired, according to your tastes and your brand identity. All you need to do is present your expectations to the professionals so that they can offer you the appropriate solutions. Whatever your budget, tote bags remain a profitable and interesting investment on the long term. To avoid harming your image, you must not neglect the quality of the fabric bag. Take the time to choose your supplier carefully to impress your customers.

Stand out with advertising caps

Advertising caps are another effective communication medium to increase your visibility. Not only will you be sure to make an impression on those to whom you offer them, but your brand will also be visible when they wear the cap. These promotional items promote a sense of belonging among customers and prospects. They can be worn even after the professional event. The cap has a large area for customization. The different options offered by professionals allow you to choose the solution best suited to your desires and your budget.

In addition, it is available in different materials and colors. The cuts are also varied according to your tastes. You will find caps for adults or children, classic or more sporty ones, even baseball caps. They may have velcro for an adjustable head size. You also have a wide choice for marking. It is possible to engrave your logo thanks to classic screen printing, digital transfer or even embroidery. Everything will depend on the result you are looking for.

In all cases, it is essential to focus on quality to maintain your brand image. Other information such as your company’s slogan or contact details can be added to your logo. The primary role of this accessory will be to convey your brand image and promote your business. This is why it is essential to know harmonize the overall design of the cap avoiding overloading it. Professionals will be able to help you design your advertising accessory so that it can attract the attention and please your target audience.

The advertising pen: a useful and economical object for a professional trade show

The advertising pen may seem too classic, but it works every time. It is a useful accessory that we use in everyday life. Its low cost is one of its main advantages, because with a small budget you can run your advertising campaign successfully. Practical and not bulky, it fits easily into your pocket or bag. It is also available in different models depending on your needs.

The main thing is to highlight your image to make an impression. The choice is wide, ranging from classic ballpoint pens through metal pens to ecological wooden. Take care of the aesthetics and use colors that highlight your brand and your message. With a promotional pen, your visibility is increased, because customers and prospects will remember your brand and your event every time they use it. If blue or black pens are the most used on a daily basis, you can always be original to stand out. To do this, there is nothing like opting for glittery or metallic colored pens.

As you can see, there are many promotional items to distribute at a company fair. They make it possible to attract new customers and reward existing ones. Favor reusable items is, however, a way to maintain your visibility with customers and prospects. In addition, they prefer to receive durable objects that can be used on a daily basis.

Whatever your choice, quality must be the key word of your marketing campaign. This is why you must choose your supplier carefully and carefully. Finally, think about highlight your colors through your promotional items. The customization options offered by professionals will allow you to stand out from the competition and make an effective impact.