Corporate gift ideas around food

Gifts help build good relationships with a person. Within a company, advertising goodies also have a marketing aspect, in order to make you known and attract more customers. However, it is important to choose the type of gift to offer in order to achieve your objectives. Do you want to give corporate gifts on the theme of food to your employees and customers? Check out some ideas you can take inspiration from.

Offer your customers and employees a personalized lunch box

The personalized lunch box is very popular because of its practicality. It allows your employees and customers to easily transport their home-cooked meal to their workplace. In addition, it allows them to avoid wasting food. Personalized lunch boxes can take different forms. It is therefore possible to choose a model that will be adapted to your target. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a customizable lunch box for adults bamboo or glass like corporate gift. They are aesthetic and very attractive, but also ecological. It is also possible to offer your prospects and employees models made from recycled plastic or steel.

Regardless of the model, choose boxes that are compartmentalized and modular with removable dividers. In addition to their practical side, personalized meal boxes are hygienic and do not have no negative consequences on health of the user. They also allow food to be preserved well and are easy to transport. By personalizing them with your company logo and offering them to your customers and colleagues, the image of your brand is conveyed. Personalized lunch boxes allow you to increase the visibility of your business and gain new customers.

customizable lunch box corporate gift

The advertising bottle, another good idea for a corporate gift

Advertising bottles are very practical and are generally used for keep a liquid at its temperature, whether hot or cold. There is a varied range of advertising bottles. This allows you to choose the model that suits you. To please your colleagues and customers, you can for example opt for water bottles made of:

  • stainless steel,
  • glass,
  • aluminum.

Oxidizable steel bottles are the most used and best known. They are renowned for their resistance and solidity. Glass bottles, on the other hand, are heavier and can break easily. They are useful and very aesthetic. As for the aluminum models, they are practical and light. Regardless of the material chosen, these bottles are ecological.

They help maintain a healthy environment and constitute an alternative to plastic models. They are also of high quality and do not contain any toxic or polluting substances. They can be used for many years. By offering an advertising bottle to your customers, you show them esteem and recognition and convey an eco-responsible image of your company. This will allow you to build a lasting relationship with your customers and build their loyalty.

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A personalized chocolate bar

The chocolate bar is also one of the best corporate gifts you can offer to your prospects, customers and colleagues. This gesture will undoubtedly be appreciated by your beneficiaries. Personalized chocolate bars allow you to boost the visibility of your business. Personalized chocolates can be offered at several events. You can offer this gift to your colleagues and customers for Christmas, for example. You can distribute this personalized treat with your logo. It is also possible to offer it during Easter. By choosing this tasty promotional gift, you are sure to please your customers and partners.

Choosing this edible product also allows you to convey a good image of your company to your customers and prospects. Chocolate is a prestige advertising product and an original gift. The tasting experience experienced by the beneficiary will leave a lasting impression on their mind. In addition, the options for customizing such a food are numerous. For optimal personalization, it is possible to choose a chocolate miniature whose shape will be molded from your company logo. The chocolate square can also be stamped with your logo to obtain an effective edible communication medium.

Corporate gift: promotional mugs and cups always work

Mugs and cups are among the most widely offered promotional items. They are very practical and very popular. You can therefore offer them to your customers and prospects bearing the image of your brand. Advertising mugs and cups are available in several models. Depending on your needs, you can for example opt for isothermal models. They are generally made of oxidizable steel and are therefore environmentally friendly. In addition, due to their composition, these promotional items do not present any risk to the user’s health. By donating these, it proves that you think about the well-being of your beneficiaries and that you give them great consideration.

Just like personalized chocolates, promotional mugs and cups help improve the visibility of your business. These objects are in fact used on a daily basis. In addition to workplaces, we carry them with us on public transport (bus, train, etc.) and in the street. They allow you to make your company brand and your services known to the general public. They therefore constitute a excellent leverage in your marketing strategy.

Whatever the reason you want to offer promotional gifts, those related to food are always successful. They will not only allow you to please your employees and your customers, but they will also help you to improve your brand image. Between the lunch box, the water bottle, the chocolate bar or even the mugs and cups, you are spoiled for choice.