Corporate merchandising : l'outil infaillible pour se différencier sur le marché

Corporate merchandising: the infallible tool to differentiate yourself on the market

The merchandising has become one of the best tools to differentiate yourself in the market , attract new customers and even improve the brand image among the employees themselves. The objective of this strategy is to promote the good idea that one may have of the company and to make it known, and not to advertise its products or services.

How to make a good plan corporate merchandising ? Very simple, it involves choosing attractive and useful products decorated in the brand’s colors to entertain customers or workers. A USB key with a logo, a t-shirt with a message or an umbrella in the brand’s tones can be perfect promotional gifts to wear on the street or in the office.

How and when to use corporate merchandising?

Brand promotional items can be used in different circumstances and times, depending on the desired impact. On the one hand, when we seek to win over potential customers, the ideal is to offer it in various events . These can be conferences, trade fairs, concerts or assemblies, it all depends on what the company is and the values ​​that we wish to associate with it.

This strategy also serves to create alliances with employees and promote the image they have of the company they work for. In these cases, there are particularly opportune times to do so, for example during product launches, Christmas parties or corporate events.

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The benefits of applying corporate merchandising

There’s talk of giving away gifts with logos to create some kind of foolproof corporate merchandising, but what effect does it have? benefits for the brand? We show you the main advantages of this fantastic strategy.

More affinity with the brand

When someone receives a gift from a brand, it creates a different alliance, because an affinity is generated as if by magic. It’s a way to win over customers who already trust it, to arouse the interest of new users or to strengthen ties with staff.

Constant advertising

Users of these items will advertise the company every time they use them, an invaluable outreach effort. Thanks to this, you can go very far, more than you can on your own.


This is an excellent way to build loyalty among users of the company’s services or products. They will feel more special and more like brand ambassadors if they receive these little gifts reserved for them, as a reward for their loyalty.

Increased income

With all this publicity, it is very likely that the company will end up significantly increasing its revenue. Customers have a better image of it, they spread its name with the products and an increased network of contacts is created, a popularity which has an impact on increased sales.

Most involved employees

When employees feel like they’re part of something and receive these types of gifts, they can see how much the company values ​​their work and feel more connected and engaged in their tasks. When this good working environment is generated, it is very likely that productivity and satisfaction level will improve.