créer un jeu de tir cyberpunk qui fusionne Max Payne, The Matrix et Tony Hawk's

create a cyberpunk shooter that merges Max Payne, The Matrix and Tony Hawk’s

Giving up financial and professional stability is not easy, but it is sometimes necessary to take risks for a project that has been on our minds for too long. This is what the sole developer of the Retrolight studio decided to do, who He quit his job to create a video game .

“I love retro action, so here’s a Max Payne and Matrix co-op game called In the style “explains Minidue in a Reddit post. As we can see in the video he shared, we are dealing with a shooter with a classic aesthetic, but with a truly spectacular fluidity in the movements. As if that wasn’t enough, the protagonist seems lucky to bounty hunter in true Cad Bane style star Wars.

As you can see in the GIF, we are dealing with a very promising marvel. Not only are the title of Remedy and the Wachowski sisters’ film the main sources of inspiration, but its creator also points to the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater saga as an obvious reference. This is not surprising, since all the pirouettes slow motion seasoned with a good series of bullets It is rewarded with different scores depending on the player’s skills.

In the style It still doesn’t have a release date on Steam, but one of the promises of minidue is that you can play online in cooperative mode with another friend. “The user interface is something I would like to completely renew,” the developer confesses, so it’s clear that there is still a lot of work for one person to do.

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