Crunchyrol présente The Leveling of Solo Leveling, un voyage dans les coulisses du succès Manwha

Crunchyrol presents The Leveling of Solo Leveling, a journey behind the scenes of Manwha success

The year 2024 has a clear protagonist in the anime industry so far: Solo Leveling. The adaptation of the most successful manhwa of all time caused a sensation at Crunchyroll and, barely halfway through the series, the company unexpectedly announced a documentary about the work.

Through its social networks, the on-demand streaming service owned by Sony announced The leveling of solo leveling a documentary that will explore the journey of this famous work from its origin as a webtoon to its adaptation into anime, starting at the publisher’s offices in Korea and ending at the A-1 Pictures animation studio.

The documentary, produced by the AllSo company, will feature up to 20 interviews with manhwa workers in Korea and anime workers in Japan, in addition to telling how this work has gradually spread across the Internet since almost its premiere chapter. , launched almost 8 years ago.

Unfortunately, there is no confirmed release date yet, but it is expected to release after all the episodes of the first season of Solo Upgrade are available. Meanwhile, the famous manhwa anime will premiere its next episode this week after a week-long hiatus from the studio.

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