Ripple: a record rise expected


Currently in the sights of American justice, the virtual currency Ripple or XRP could soon experience a sharp increase in its value. Star crypto trader Michaël van de Poppe delivers his rather enthusiastic analyzes for Here are the main points of his forecasts. Trouble with the law and fluctuation for Ripple Ripple has been experiencing ups and downs for

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Cryptocurrency: a particular purchase?


Investments in cryptocurrency are becoming more and more popular. These financial investments on the stock market continue to interest investors, especially as new promising stocks appear on the market. What is cryptocurrency trading? How does it work ? Which cryptocurrency to invest in? How does CFD cryptocurrency trading work? These are all questions to which we will try to provide

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Arbismart: A cryptocurrency poised to dethrone Bitcoin?


Bitcoin’s competing currency on the rise The bullish trend in the Internet currency market continues. Some units are far ahead of their competitors for the fourth quarter of 2021. Bitcoin, which maintains its oldest status, is stabilizing with constant growth of 50%. Other “corners” record much more spectacular statistics. Here are the details. Growth of almost 600% for a competitor

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Cryptocurrencies and War in Ukraine: Bitcoin establishes itself as a safe haven


Since the start of the war in Ukraine and the various sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia, the cryptocurrency market has been put to the test. After a plunge that sowed doubt among investors at the beginning of February, the market is finally recovering, notably after the Russian announcement regarding Bitcoin. According to Lenin, war is an accelerator

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Best Long-Term Investments in Cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrency account[/isnotgg]cryptocurrency account We should not lose sight of the fact that cryptocurrencies represent virtual money, and that therefore, the rules of issue and the mode of operation of the latter have no connection with banking. central, nor even with other banking institutions. However, in most cases they are managed by means of programmed algorithms. Thus, it is possible for

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NFT: What is an NFT and how to invest, we tell you everything


Under the crossfire of the media, NFTs or non-fungible tokens have been in the news a lot recently. Some of these 100% virtual objects have shattered sales records, with digital creations valued in tens of millions of dollars. So if you think you have the creativity to Michael Winkelmann aka Beeple or Elon Musk’s flair for good investments, this overview

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What are the steps to follow to invest in cryptocurrencies

Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2008, cryptocurrencies have become a form of investment. Every day, new investors are added to the long list of investors already present in the sector. New means are available to investors to facilitate their various actions on the different stock markets. In this article, you will discover the different steps to follow to invest

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Definition of the Bear Market

bear market

Have you ever heard of “bears” or “bulls”, concepts often used in the stock market? In reality, used by traders, these two terms designate the situation of the stock market at a well-defined moment. Currently, we are seeing an increase in the number of markets that have integrated the bear market. But so far, many people still don’t know what

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A Guide to Using Bitcoin for Everyday Transactions

virtual digital currency Bitcoin - internet open-source P2P payment network

Did you know that you can now use Bitcoins seamlessly for your everyday purchases? Read this article to learn about some of the most reliable options available. Bitcoin technology remains irresistible despite the few challenges it faces. And besides, the Bitcoin platform has undergone massive improvements in recent times. Five years ago, transactions on the Bitcoin platform were not as

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Reasons Why Large Businesses Should Invest in Bitcoin

bitcoin and chart

Wondering why big companies should invest in Bitcoin? Here is a guide on why major companies are investing in this digital currency. Many publicly traded companies today hold massive shares of Bitcoin. However, there are many reasons why these companies are investing in this digital currency. For businesses, investing in this virtual currency makes sense to diversify their portfolio and

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Is Bitcoin a safe investment?

Among all cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, Bitcoin has been the most inspiring and popular. However, over the years, it has been the subject of much discussion due to price volatility and cases of crypto frauds. It is therefore normal to ask questions about the security of this investment. What is it really? Should you buy Bitcoin right now? Bitcoin has

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Fiat currency vs. Bitcoin

Fiat currency and bitcoin are essential to enable transparent transactions. However, fiat currency and this virtual currency differ in one way or another. Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin in 2009. This entity advocated for a decentralized monetary system and cryptographic verification of this electronic currency as a replacement for national paper currencies, creating an era for digital tokens. This virtual currency

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Protecting Your Bitcoins: Cybersecurity Measures and Best Practices

In an ever-changing digital landscape, the rise of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, has brought immense opportunities and challenges. As individuals enter the world of decentralized finance, the importance of securing their Bitcoin holdings becomes paramount. Cybercriminals are constantly devising new tactics to exploit vulnerabilities, making it essential for users to adopt strong cybersecurity measures and best practices. This article presents a

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