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Customer relationship management: CRM an essential tool

CRM, under this abbreviation of English origin which means Customer Relationship Management (Gestion de la Relation Client en Français) brings together all the methods and techniques aimed at optimizing the relationship of your company and your customers but also of your prospects. These methods applied by all major CAC 40 companies are entirely managed by dedicated software and applications. To find out more about CRM, I invite you to read the rest of this article without further delay!

CRM is also a direct reference to the main tool dealing with customer management within a company. For many, this is the pivot allowing them to implement the communication strategy with their customers.

Setting up a CRM (GRC in French) is essential these days to achieve the main objectives of customer relations and loyalty. The tool will give you the opportunity to aim right and offer each of your prospects unique and adapted content and thus, to use a tailor-made polymorphic strategy.

What are the advantages of a CRM system?

Customer relationship management is mainly based on the use of all the customer data that you have collected from various commercial and marketing channels. The main advantage of a CRM system is that it allows you to concatenate all of your customer data within a single tool. No matter the data source, the software takes care of gathering it for you.

As a result, Customer Relationship Management (GRC aka Customer Relationship Management) has established itself as an essential tool for any company with the aim of being able to increase the value of its customer base by increasing their loyalty and offering satisfaction.

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How do I choose a CRM solution suitable for my business?

If you are convinced that a CRM solution could be favorable to the evolution of your turnover, it is high time to take the plunge and choose a customer management solution adapted to your business.

The first thing to do is to educate yourself and get reviews of companies comparable to yours regarding the CRM solutions available on the market. Please note, however, that SAGE CRM is very successful in many sectors of activity.

The second step will consist of comparing the functionalities offered by each of the solutions and comparing them to your specifications. Please note that the purpose of a CRM solution is generally not limited to a single specific use, on the contrary, the scope of a CRM solution can be very varied and correspond to numerous areas of use:

  • Managing your contacts and prospects
  • Management of commercial opportunities
  • Managing your marketing actions
  • Management of complaints and disputes
  • Management of after-sales service and on-site interventions
  • Overall business management
  • Human Resource Management

This list of possible uses is of course not exhaustive but reflects the main possible uses offered by software dedicated to Customer Relationship Management.