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Cybermut, Crédit Mutuel’s secure payment system

Living with the times means buying your train ticket in a few clicks on your Smartphone or paying for your shopping securely with a contactless credit card. These futuristic consumption habits are already available thanks to payment solutions such as Cybermut. Find out everything there is to know about this digital service from Crédit Mutuel.

Secure payment solution called Cybermut

Launched by the Crédit Mutuel bank in 1996, Cybermut is an innovative digital payment solution. This technology was born at a time when the Web was just taking off. Since its inception, it has allowed Internet users to pay for their online purchases in complete security. Confidentiality is total because the user does not have to provide their RIB for each transaction on a merchant site.

Crédit Mutuel offers end-to-end encryption technology through Cybermut. The service is secure and ensures optimal protection of data concerning the account holder. Unprecedented for its time, this system covers credit card details when validating the transaction. Deployed for 3 decades, it still remains very reliable and remains completely safe from any attempt at interception by hackers.

Technology ensuring optimal security

Cybermut is based on the cryptogram. This technology makes the transferred data indecipherable. It deserves to be compatible with the web or mobile browser from which the Internet user makes their online purchases. In addition, the person does not have to switch to another site or a third-party application to validate their purchases. Furthermore, the system is also coupled with an SSL or Secure Socket Layer protocol. This second layer of encryption ensures maximum security of the transaction.

Made up of a certain number of services, Cybermut is accessible by a simple subscription. It is triggered automatically every time a customer uses their credit card for online shopping. An interface systematically opens as soon as the person attempts to make a payment from their Crédit Mutuel account. From this secure page, simply enter 16 digits and the secret code. The bank takes care of the rest instantly.

Multiple functionalities complementary to Cybermut

Crédit Mutuel offers much more than a secure payment method with Cybermut. Apart from the encryption system, it provides its users with additional features. In particular, there is an alert in the event of an overdraft. The bank sends an SMS directly to the account holder’s phone if the overflow exceeds the authorized credit. Subscribing to Cybermut also allows you to use Cybergestion. It is a separate application that is used to calculate income and expenses. A detailed history of fund movements over the month helps you save money.

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With Cybermut, any Crédit Mutuel customer can easily make domestic and foreign transfers. It can even send money to destinations outside the European Union. The saver can also follow the evolution of their finances in real time from their Smartphone. A checkbook provided by his establishment will allow him to continue shopping peacefully in the event of a lost or stolen credit card.

A service open to all user profiles

Subscription to Cybermut is open to any legal or natural person. Individuals and businesses can benefit from this proven, secure payment method. Some conditions are required to subscribe to this offer. In particular, you will need to have a checking account. Otherwise, the saver must have a Crédit Mutuel remote banking account.

Subscription to Cybermut is the subject of a contract or amendment. Features are immediately accessible when documents are in order. The formality can be done online using an electronic signature device recognized by the establishment. Concretely, you must contact a customer advisor and discuss in person or by chat the different conditions of the offer.

Does Cybermut fully protect transactions?

The answer to this question would be a conditional YES. Indeed, the encryption technology that has existed since 1996 is one of the most secure at the moment. End-to-end encryption hides banking details during the transaction. The information is transferred in a format that is impossible for an interceptor to read. Resistant to DDOS-type computer attacks, Cybermut is well secured on this point.

However, hackers can seize confidential information even before it is encrypted. In particular, they will be able to do this during the seizure if spyware has previously been slipped into the victim’s computer. Another detail: Cybermut does not store any banking details on its servers.

On the other hand, a bank customer can do this in various ways, notably by saving attachments on their hard drive or in their email inbox. Hackers simply phish their target with an email trap to successfully penetrate their system. This is a reason to never open questionable messages and files. It will also be necessary to scan USB keys which may potentially be infected.