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Dark Horse Comics to Collect Tyler Crook’s Supernatural Road Trip The Lonesome Hunters in One Volume

There is nothing better than compilations to catch up on collections that we were unable to cover and that is precisely what was announced. Dark Horse Comics . The famous publisher is preparing a volume which will bring together all the episodes of The solitary hunters Tyler Crook’s final work in 2022.

There are four numbers which make up a series which will be grouped under the name Lone Hunter Library Edition and will land on October 1, 2024. Its price will be around 50 euros and it will show us a fantastic comic that has been nominated for the Eisner Award, one of the most appreciated in the entire comics industry.

The plot places us in the middle of the meeting which takes place between a former monster hunter living in hiding and retired with a young woman. The couple will have to team up to face all kinds of creatures, which emerge from a malicious source which will take them into a road trip full of supernatural events . One of the repeated mantras in Crook’s project is the age difference between the protagonists and the way they feed off each other.

Lone Hunter Library Edition

Lone Hunter Library Edition contains 192 pages with a hardback cover and don’t forget The Lonely Hunters: Wolf Boy , the second series based on this universe. The creator of Harrow County o Black Hammer: Cosmogog He is in charge of both the storyline and all the illustrations that we see on the pages. Additionally, a gallery of covers and artwork from the creation process will also be included.

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