Dark Vador est un monstre, mais il a des sentiments qui l'empêchent d'étrangler tout le monde dans LEGO : Star Wars

Darth Vader is a monster, but he has feelings that keep him from strangling everyone in LEGO: Star Wars

He has become the true terror of the galaxy. Star Wars thanks to his exploits full of evil, so that no one in his right mind contradicts him. dark Vador . The Sith Lord has used his red lightsaber for years to end the lives of Jedi remnants, quell Alliance attacks, and end any obstacle in his path.

If he was unable to defeat someone with his weapon, he could always resort to his extraordinary Force powers which, among other things, allowed him to defeat someone with his weapon. mercilessly strangle rivals . To all? The truth is no, or at least that’s what happened if we played LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

And the title allows us enjoy two-character co-op at the same time and, if one of them is Vader, he can easily strangle the other. The range of options is really wide, even if its qualms appear as soon as we put Padmé Amidala as a companion. It is the only one with which the mechanic cannot be performed.

Obviously, everything is due to the love that the villain, or rather Anakin Skywalker, has always had for the ruler of Naboo. The events of Star Wars Episode III showed how the Jedi Knight completely lost his mind and decided to turn to the dark side. In his blindness filled with rage, he left his beloved on the verge of death as he strangled her using the Force, a fact he later learned from the words of Emperor Palpatine.

Therefore, this affection and these regrets are still present under its mechanical combination and the developers of LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Traveler’s Tale saw fit to include this curious detail which respects the history of the galactic saga.

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