Dassault chooses Dell Technologies for its data centers

Who said that Dassault Aviation could do without data centers? With the arrival of the new year, the French aeronautical giant had to think about renovating its data centers. Against all odds, the company opted for the solutions offered by Dell Technologies. The latter promises, among other things, a secure, agile and scalable infrastructure to meet Dassault’s needs. This collaboration should propel the aircraft manufacturer’s planes into the future, according to the reactions of both parties.

A renovation project with enormous challenges

Data centers play a central role in the development of new generation aircraft and the management of aircraft in flight. These installations are used both for monitoring aircraft in flight and for essential simulations in the context of prototyping. Fearing a technological delay, Dassault Aviation decided to renovate two of its data centers. The company intends to perfect the 3D modeling of its next models. An objective which requires it to equip itself with state-of-the-art technologies that are secure, reliable and above all flexible. These technologies must, among other things, assist the R&D team from the beginning to the completion of a project.

To carry out its high-stakes renovations, Dassault Aviation turned to Systemic as well as Dell Technologies. The first responder is recognized for his expertise in everything related to infrastructure. Dell Technologies, on the other hand, provided platforms that met the requirements set out by Dassault. According to the latter, the solutions offered by Dell are able to help it maintain its leading position in the field of aviation. The technology provided will greatly facilitate the prototyping of tomorrow’s aircraft.

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Security and flexibility: the key words of Dell technologies

This Dell technologies and Systemic collaboration has worked wonders. By pooling their know-how, these two players were able to calibrate servers capable of running all Dassault applications. Remember that these cannot be turned off indefinitely even during a renovation. The issue of data security was also much more delicate. Despite security requirements, deployed applications must always have exterior doors. A situation which increases the risks of data leaks. This problem has now been resolved thanks to the astonishing flexibility of Dell infrastructures and the ingenuity of the Systemic teams.

Compared to old data centers, these two newly renovated data centers will accommodate Intel and Xeon processors. Processors that will significantly increase the computing power of Dassault servers. The French aircraft manufacturer now intends to put this computing power to good use by working on projects that will only see the light of day in two or three decades. One of the advantages of Dell’s Software-Defined infrastructure is that it will be able to evolve with advances in data processing. In practice, Dassa should therefore not suffer from any technological delay in the coming decades. Better still, the company will be able to reduce the cost of implementing these new technologies.