Data Analytics

Discovering Google Tag Manager

google tag manager

The most popular search engine in the world continues to provide more support for website publishers. Google Tag Manager is yet another tool available to them. Above all, GTM allows us to better understand visitor behavior. A tracking interface linked to Google Analytics will provide a better understanding of customers. We tell you the essential things to remember. Google Tag

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Understand and apply the principle of A/B Testing

a b testing

A/B testing is a very powerful tool for companies that want to improve their business performance. It is a method of testing and data analysis used by marketers to test and compare different versions of a web page or element on a web page to determine which version provides the best experience to visitors and generates the most conversions. This

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Data analyst: 3 essential tools to master in 2023

An article published on News explains that the volume of data that we now produce in two days is greater than that generated between the beginning of humanity and the year 2003…!And for good reason, the number of connected devices is constantly growing (more than 10 billion worldwide). You therefore understand all the potential that can arise from the analysis

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