Le premier synopsis de Deadpool 3 indique que ce sera un film très important pour l'avenir de Marvel

Deadpool 3’s first synopsis indicates it will be a very important film for Marvel’s future

Over the month, Deadpool 3 This is taking shape more and more. Filming wrapped less than a week ago and the days to see the first preview of the film are gradually dwindling. Before the trailer, we saw the first synopsis of the project.

Thanks to Marvel Japan and saved by the Deadpool Updates account, the company offered a first look at the plot of Deadpool 3 which, although it doesn’t explain much, clearly shows that the arrival of the Merc with a Mouth in the MCU will be much more important than it seems.

The synopsis reads: “Will this fucking irresponsible hero, Deadpool, change the history of the MCU with Wolverine?” As we told you, it’s just one sentence, but it’s enough to make it clear that the film will mark a before and after in the Disney-owned franchise.

The most likely thing, seeing the leaks in image form, is that both dead Pool as Wolverine are joining forces to bring Fox’s most important characters into the MCU thanks to, according to leaks, Mobius and Miss Minutes, two characters who have gained strength in recent months with the launch of the second season of Loki. Deadpool 3 Its premiere is scheduled for July 26, 2024.

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