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Definition: Adword Consultant

The goal of creating a website is generally to generate traffic to have visitors, in order to make subscribers. There are several techniques and strategies for generating traffic to your site, including Google Ads. To adopt this last strategy, you need the help of a professional, the Adword consultant. Here’s what you need to know about this professional, what they do and how to become one.

What is an Adword consultant?

THE Adwords consultant is a professional expert in SEA paid referencing on Google. He also masters the techniques of natural reference SEO. Thanks to his qualifications, he gains visibility for companies wishing to set up Google advertising campaigns.

The Adwords consultant has a official Google Partner certification to be able to practice as a professional. Although he received his certification from Google, he is not an employee of the search engine. He works Freelance most often, for clients who hire its services.

Its main missions

THE Freelance Adwords to several missions. It carries out an upstream analysis of previous campaigns to identify weaknesses. Then, he sets up new campaigns and measures their results downstream.

When you engage the Freelance Adwords, it analyzes the conversation rate of your website. From there, it determines the ability of your business to generate profitable adwords campaigns. Based on the results, it helps you set your goals correctly. It also advises you on the types of campaigns to run and how to succeed. It also helps with choice of likely keywords to capture the attention and curiosity of the user.

The objective of Adwords consultant is to allow you toobtain the best Return on Investment (ROI). To achieve this, he reduces the cost of acquiring your prospects and at the same time increases the conversion rate

He is also qualified to train the client who hires his services, so that he also becomes Google Adword expert.

How to become an Adwords consultant?

Becoming an Adwords consultant naturally requires training, because the job requires a minimum of knowledge of the digital world. There are two ways to get through professional adword, there assisted training and the self-taught way.

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There are several training channels. You can train as part of your studies, or be trained byGoogle Ads certified agencies who offer group training. If you don’t like learning in a group, you can hire the services of an Adwords professional, or try to make you train yourself.

For the self-taught training, you have to use the internet. With the information available on various media such as YouTube, you will be able to learn how to set up Google advertising campaigns. The manual Advanced Google Adwords is also useful to read for people who have chosen to be trained themselves.

Once you feel ready, you can consider take the Google Adwords certification test. To take this test, simply register on Google Partner. When the test is successful, then Google issues you a Google Partner certification and thus you become Adwords consultant.

What is a Google Ads agency?

While researching Google Ads, you may have noticed that some agencies display a Google Partner badge, with a blue or red border. But what is the meaning of this badge for a Google Ads Agency ?

This is an accreditation issued by Google itself, obtained following training and an exam. This way, you will be sure that the professional with whom you will discuss knows perfectly all the subtleties of paid advertisements. Please note that this accreditation is individual. For an agency to claim this badge, multiple employees must have passed this exam. Finally, the certification must be renewed every year.

To be complete on the subject, know that there are several certifications within Google Ads:

  • Advertising on the search network: these are the best-known and most sought-after ads by companies who want to do paid advertising.
  • Display Network Advertising: Some sites display ads, like you might on a bus shelter. This certification will prove that the agency is capable of creating and monitoring your campaign.
  • Video advertising: same principle, but this time with YouTube.
  • Shopping ad: the agency will be able to create and optimize classified ads visible on Google shopping.

By using agencies with this badge, you will have the certainty of using real paid advertising professionals.