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Definition: Apache Cassandra

Make no mistake, Apache Cassandra is not a Native American princess. Moreover, the first name comes from Greek mythology. It is an open source software intended for database management. It would even be one of the most powerful DBMS-type programs currently in service. This article suggests you discover more.

Apache Cassandra, a powerful database system

Intended to handle large volumes, Apache Cassandra is presented as a distributed database system. It is an open source solution powerful enough to manage sites on a global scale. With this software, the data is distributed across several servers, but remains used coherently. Its architecture is designed to cope with a sudden increase in the quantity of files to be stored. They are organized in clusters and nodes. This gives them greater availability than what is done elsewhere.

Here are the main features of Apache Cassandra:

  • This database has a columnar configuration.
  • It is particularly consistent and tolerant of updates.
  • This open source solution exists in an even more stable enterprise version.
  • The architectural model is modeled on Google Bigtable.
  • Its distributed design is inspired by Amazon Dynamo.

An open source solution anchored on NoSQL

To better understand how Apache Cassandra works, you need to know the NoSQL database. It is a data processing engine. It is mainly intended for content that cannot be saved in a tabular format. In other words, files that cannot be managed by relational DBMSs are “creamed” with a NoSQL system. Apache Cassandra is the proud representative of this alternative solution commonly used by service sites and e-retailers.

With NoSQL databases, it becomes easy to process a phenomenal amount of data. It is even possible to replicate them with ease. The absence of a diagram is also another major advantage. For its part, Apache Cassandra is extensible as desired and the stored files are available to almost everyone. The structure is less complex than that of existing data technologies. This provides appreciable processing speed.

Good reasons to adopt this system

Cassandra was a beautiful Trojan princess. She also had the gift of prophecy. Which made her irresistible in the eyes of the powerful of her time. Apollo, the god of beauty himself, fell in love with her. By analogy, the Apache Cassandra database system has attracted the largest groups in the world of the Web. The technology is being adopted by Netflix, Twitter, Ebay and Facebook. Moreover, this computer program was developed by two collaborators of Mark Zuckerberg in 2007.

The most powerful Californian companies have their reasons to place their trust in Apache Cassandra. The latter can support all data structures and formats. It handles dynamic changes with ease. Its scalable architecture with nodes ensures extremely fast response time. Content replication is possible with this system. The user can easily save data in several hosts. Which provides great reliability. In the event of a failure, repair is carried out without affecting general performance.

A DBMS in development for 15 years

2007 : Lakshman and Malik, two engineers from Facebook were looking for a solution to manage millions of profiles efficiently.

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2008 : Cassandra entered service in July 2008. The boss of the number one social media company has made it a technology open to all.

2009 : An Apache incubator was created to allow programmers from all backgrounds to contribute to the development of NoSQL.

2010 : a High Level version is published. It is mainly aimed at professionals, in this case the most popular sites.

2021 : The Apache Software Foundation continues to manage the evolution of open source software. Cassandra only offers the latest update for each file it hosts.

A simple, but effective architecture

Talking about the architecture of Apache Cassandra is like going into detail about the workings of computing. To keep it simple, it would be better to mention a few key terms inherent to the operation of this database system:

  • Cluster: Cassandra NoSQL is based on a set of several data centers.
  • Data center: each data center stores complex computer nodes.
  • Commit log: the failsafe method relies on writing to a log.
  • Buffer: Cassandra uses an active Memtable.
  • SSTable: this is the immutable backup system on a disk.
  • Bloom filter: algorithm that quickly tests an element.
  • CQL: the query language allowing end users to interact with the DBMS.

An alternative solution proven in different situations

Netflix is ​​one of Apache Cassandra’s biggest fans to date. The movie streaming platform uses it exclusively to back up its millions of files. The entertainment giant also relies on AWS servers to ensure security. The data cache makes content available with exceptional transfer speed. It is one of the few systems that has no latency while new files are constantly added. Linear nodes are the cause.

As with all NoSQL systems, Cassandra supports Hadoop applications without any problem. As such, many telephone and instant messaging companies have also taken the plunge. Then, there are also Internet of Things providers. Managing connected equipment becomes simpler thanks to a suitable solution. Home automation professionals and automobile manufacturers as well as household appliance producers appreciate its speed.

Open source software intended for a specific professional audience

Knowing Apache Cassandra is one thing. Actually learning how to use it is another. Indeed, this open source IT solution remains above all a subject of discussion among “geeks”. Coders of all levels can be interested in it. They could even contribute to improving the system. That said, the foundation that manages it mainly wants to make it accessible to professionals. These are in particular:

  • IT project managers looking for a DBMS
  • Data scientist responsible for analyzing flows and improving interaction with Internet users.
  • Developers of entertainment or productivity applications.
  • Professional testers who take care of finding the flaw in a site or server.

Students aiming for a career in IT or NICT

A person who mentions on their CV that they master Apache Cassandra will attract the attention of recruiters. This is a huge advantage for those applying to a service or online sales company. Those who want to pursue a career in new information and communication technologies also benefit from having some basic knowledge. Currently, the world revolves around Big Data and Hadoop. Knowing how NoSQL works would be a minimum.

Concretely, a good knowledge of the Apache Cassandra system allows you to join the technical team of online video companies, digital newspapers, image processing sites, a satellite data company (GPS). Those who wish to get started in the Internet of Things or home automation will also have to take a few hours’ course on the NoSQL tool. It’s quite a Swiss army knife that would be very good to learn how to use.