Definition Dataviz

The big data jargon is very rich. While some terms are widely known to the public, others are only fully understood by industry professionals. This second category of terminology includes “dataviz”. A term that may seem fancy, but which is relatively simple to understand in the end.

Dataviz: definition

The term “Dataviz” is made up of two words “Data” and “visualization” joined together. Under these conditions, it is relatively simple to understand since it involves data visualization. As such, in our daily lives, we already use Dataviz, when we watch the news or when we read a newspaper for example.

The advent of big data, however, has given a whole new dimension to this concept. Dataviz tools are used to improve the readability of raw data. The utilities used are used to sort, organize and interpret the data to a lesser extent. The objective is above all to shed light on a particular event or phenomenon.

At a time when ergonomics plays an important role in any organization, dataviz practices are essential to inform managers in decision-making. The data collected must be correctly presented for the decision maker to arrive at the right conclusions. This generally involves editing a spreadsheet or graphs. To date, these are the most popular representations.

The use of graphs and tables will make the information easier to understand. Here, there is no need to have special skills to interpret the data. Furthermore, the main person concerned only focuses on the essentials. Dataviz therefore makes it possible to communicate much more effectively and at the same time accelerate decision-making. It therefore constitutes the pillar of any organization based on a monitoring-evaluation model which is not necessarily composed of highly qualified technicians.

Storytelling: an astonishing example

Think again ! Dataviz does not exclusively concern big data and the world of data processing. He is present everywhere. Storytelling, a practice well known to advertisers, is an example. This approach consisting of enhancing the image of a professional or an establishment through a short narrative story can be associated with dataviz. Here, it’s about telling a story presenting the major assets of a brand or an individual. In this way, we manage to capture the reader’s attention on key points. We therefore enlighten the public on the achievements, the journey or even the awards received by the brand or the person concerned.

A wide field of application

Dataviz can be used in all kinds of ways and in many sectors of activity. If it is very present in the world of journalism and media, it will also be a real lever of growth within any company. As part of reporting, any structure must invest in suitable IT solutions so that managers can monitor current projects. Financial managers of large corporations will also use it to present an activity report to shareholders and investors. Marketing teams will also have to do this to present the information collected after a satisfaction survey or a survey.

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In short, the objective is not only to present data in the best light, it is a question of communicating information as effectively as possible.

Moreover, the tech giants have perfectly understood the challenges of data viz. Through pages like How search works?, Google demonstrates that it has mastered this practice perfectly. The firm explains how its search engine works using simple to understand words and graphics. It also presents the obstacles to overcome in order for us to obtain relevant results on the SERPs. An effort that Internet users certainly appreciate.

Still, in principle dataviz requires at least two trades. A data scientist and a computer graphic designer must necessarily collaborate. The first professional will collect and analyze the data, while the second will take all measures to present the conclusions of the study in the most efficient way. However, in practice, many companies do without the expertise of these professionals.

Recommended tools for dataviz?

Over the years, software publishers have increased the number of solutions for data visualization. Today, we can say that dataviz is relatively accessible. However, everything will depend on your needs and requirements. While the Office suite can completely satisfy SMEs, other much more sophisticated tools also exist on the market, such as This platform gives you the means to edit graphics using simple Excel spreadsheets. The user will have the choice between several models to best present the data. You have greatly expanded the ability to customize your graphics.

Piktochart also has its followers. It also provides the means to create graphs and diagrams intended to compile data. However, you will not be able to import Excel files. However, this tool is very easy to use. In two hours, you will be able to create a suitable graphic that you can integrate into your next Powerpoint presentation. So take the time to explore this option, especially since the tool is completely free like the 3 others presented below.

For journalists, bloggers and those working in the media sphere, DataWrapper will be much more appropriate. It will be a powerful tool in the hands of the most picky with more customization and import options. In particular, you can insert a database in D3.js or another more conventional format. DataWrapper is open-source software that uses HTML, CSS and SVG. Which explains all the possibilities available and the regular additions of new features. Dygraph has similar functions, but focuses on creating and editing curves.

If these solutions aren’t right for you, consider consulting an online Dataviz catalog. In this area, “The Data Visualization Catalogue” remains the most popular platform. You can choose a type of representation (curve, diagram, tree, etc.) before personalizing and refining the model. If you are ready to pull out the credit card, opt for the Data Visualization Service published by Orcale. This tool is primarily reserved for big data and business intelligence professionals wishing to operate a Cloud database. Several import and formatting options are offered to meet the needs of businesses of any size.