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Definition: Lead Nurturing

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The web environment is the perfect hunting ground for businesses in all sectors. We must therefore be present there, at all costs and above all have visibility. As part of inbound marketing to attract your target customers, there are many tools that allow you to generate leads. You have certainly heard about lead nurturing without understanding all of its specificities.

The definition of lead nurturing

Lead nurturing represents a practice that is based on maintaining or strengthening a marketing relationship with leads or prospects, considered not mature enough to carry out sales action. This approach to lead nurturing is particularly dedicated to the BtoB category

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the emphasis is placed in particular on prospects with some long term projects.

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Thanks to the internet and its democratization the situation has changed with the use of tools such as newsletters or white papers. Lead nurturing therefore places emphasis on prospects who are not yet ready to make a purchase. Upstream of this purchasing cycle, lead nurturing provides these future buyers with optimal educational content, in L’objective of supporting them in their reflection and their maturity.

The link between lead nurturing and inbound marketing

In the field of B2B, there is a fairly long duration of sales cycles. Commercial prospecting is therefore complex and must be based in particular on relationships and added value. Outbound marketing and its various lead generation techniques have shown their limits. Indeed, everything that is e-mailing, telephone prospecting or press, requires stopping the lead in its activities. This then requires the presence of a professional.

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Rather than going to find the customer, you have to make them come. So inbound marketing and its various modes of communication constitute the perfect foundation for a successful lead nurturing strategy. The marriage between inbound marketing and lead nurturing then goes without saying and this will pass through the respect for the following three principles

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habituation of communication and the option of channels according to this categorization.

How to ensure a successful lead nurturing campaign?

For guarantee the effectiveness of a lead nurturing campaign, you must at all costs comply with the following three rules:

  1. First of all, it is necessary agree with your prospects to always be in contact with them. This is the principle of “ marketing permission » put forward by Seth Godin and which gave birth to inbound marketing. Once you get permission from prospects, you will hardly need to give them the opportunity to disengage from your Value proposition.
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    draw up a typical cycle for each lead (buyer persona). It will be necessary at each stage of reflection, in particular emphasize key ideas, points of comparison, scenarios of interest, among other essential elements.

  3. Finally, you will need to be on the lookout for signs of development in your prospects. You can thus improve your understanding of their needs and know when they are willing to make purchases.

The importance of good marketing techniques to grow

Products or services have a mission: to reach their audience. They only exist to be bought and sold. To do this, you must be able to make yourself known, before having the opportunity to convince consumers to buy. And this requires well-established marketing techniques that allow you to put yourself forward and simply sell. There are dozens of marketing techniques, and some have only recently been proven, but manage to convince. For example, you can learn more about lead nurtering with Plezi. Behind these English words hides a marketing technique that makes more and more people happy. As is often the case, it all starts with content: you must work on it to subsequently calibrate your marketing strategy. It is essential to have it if you wish to develop, maintain your customer base and above all make it grow by reaching a larger community. This requires rigorous work, but it pays off quickly. It is essential to learn about the techniques to hope to stand out from the crowd and see your turnover grow. Don’t waste any more time and get started.