Denis Villeneuve fait Dune 3

Denis Villeneuve directs Dune 3

Following the triumphant welcome of Dune: Part 2 in cinemas around the world, Legendary Entertainment sets sail towards the horizon with an announcement that is already igniting the imagination of moviegoers: Denis Villeneuve, the maestro behind the camera, has been chosen to pilot a third chapter of this saga captivating. This new opus promises to continue the epic adventures of Paul Atreides in his quest for galactic domination.

Already, earlier in the year, during an interview with Empire, Villeneuve had shared that he had started to put ink on paper, envisioning with enthusiasm the future direction that the extended universe of Dune. This preview of his intentions sparked a wave of excitement among aficionados of the work.

However, loyal and impatient fans will have to be a little more patient, because Legendary has not yet revealed dates for the start of filming for this third part. Nevertheless, it is clear that the studio intends to present this new cinematographic nugget before diving into another ambitious undertaking with Villeneuve: the transposition to the screen of Nuclear War: A Scenario. This work by Annie Jacobsen, which was nominated for the 2024 Pulitzer Prize, acutely explores the contingencies of a nuclear conflict. Further proof, if any were needed, of the scale and diversity of the projects that the director is preparing to embrace.

The next two years therefore promise to be an exciting period and probably rich in emotions for Denis Villeneuve and his audience. Its varied projects, including an exploration of the nuclear threat followed by the continuation of an epic interstellar saga, promise to shake and amaze us upon their release.

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Editorial note : A clarification deserves to be made concerning the mention of Nuclear War: A Scenario in a previous story. Contrary to what was erroneously stated, this work was nominated and finalized for the Pulitzer Prize, but did not win the award. We would like to apologize for this confusion.