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Despite growing success in 2020, online casinos remain banned

Strictly regulated and prohibited since 1836, games of money and chance remain, with some exceptions, a state monopoly. we had to wait almost 180 years for the law of May 12, 2010 to finally authorize this market to open up to competition. That being said, this breach will only have benefited 3 types of games: sports betting, horse racing betting and finally, poker. Everything related to online casinos remains strictly prohibited in our territory to this day. Only its physical version is authorized but under strict supervision of the Ministry of the Interior

The French exception

dicesport bets.

Towards a relaxation of regulations?

Although for the State, not authorizing online casino games, such as dice (a very popular dice game) and slot machines is a clear loss of revenue, it is proven that the latter, when presented under their digital form, represent an increased risk of addiction and excessive gambling as the National Gaming Authority (ANJ, formerly Arjel) reminds us, whose regulatory power now extends since 2020 to physical casinos and not only to online gambling and whose role is to prohibit access to gambling for minors and to limit the financial risks for players as much as possible.

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