réaliser un redémarrage de la trilogie Star Wars originale

directing a reboot of the original Star Wars trilogy

He was born in 1977 and since then Star Wars has fascinated us with its galaxy full of action, mysteries and a lot of epic. George Lucas’ franchise began with an unforgettable trilogy This has remained unchanged over time, but this is precisely what Matthew Vaughn wants to change.

The Kingsman director admitted on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that his dream was to create a reboot of the three legendary films. Of course, we would be talking about one of the most important projects in cinema history and it doesn’t seem like Disney is very willing to make it happen just yet.

“For me, making a Star Wars movie is about playing with the characters that I love. So if you said to me, ‘Do you want to reboot Star Wars and really have Luke Skywalker, (Han) Solo and Vader, and create your own? version of it? everyone would say you’re an idiot for trying, but it would turn me on.

It would be fun, why not? Why are these characters so sacred that, since 1977, we can no longer do it in front of a new audience? Star Wars is the Skywalker family. And that’s where, I think, they made a mistake because they forgot… And they did it brilliantly in the world of television, but we need a new epic movie and that’s is what I would do.

The truth is that Vaughn already has some experience offering a new perspective on a known universe. In X-Men: First Class, he introduced some of the most well-known mutants from another perspective, but in reality the 2011 film could be considered a prequel of sorts. Here we are talking about starting all over again, which This would surely provoke very negative reactions. .

“Everyone is going to go crazy, but let’s be real. Because if you want a new generation, make the movie for them. The older generation can (enjoy it), if you do it well enough that they say, ‘ Okay, I’ll appreciate that.'”

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