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Discovering Branding Management

A well-found and perfectly managed brand can be a growth factor for a company. The latter has an interest in developing a whole strategy around its name. It is important to build a reputation and associate values. This article explains the entire marketing concept to you in detail. This is what branding management is.

Branding management begins with brand creation

Brand management is the responsibility of the marketing department supported by the communications department. Large CAC40 companies entrust the creation of appellations to offshore service providers. These are often specialized agencies that carry out searches and ensure that names are available. With smaller structures, the entrepreneur can decide himself by drawing inspiration from what surrounds him. Another tip is to use automatic generators such as Panabee, Bustaname, Naminum, Nomatic or Shopify.

Not much content talks about the process of creating brands. The authors prefer to talk at length about positioning or visions. Then, agencies are generally contacted for rebranding. Their mission is more like dusting things off than inventing a new name. Whatever happens, the issue remains identity. The name must later easily convey values.

It will be necessary to take care of the brand image

A brand is worth much more than a distinctive name. It goes beyond the logo. It’s a whole identity that needs to be managed. Branding management determines the mission that must be accomplished. Ikea, for example, does not just sell beds and tables in kits. She also wants to instill simplicity in pragmatic furniture. The message can be transmitted via means of communication, but also through the products offered and the quality of service. Unfortunately, Free is associated with slowing down the Internet connection.

Brand image management is based on several principles. In particular, you will need a name that is easy to remember. The logo better be visually memorable like that of Nike. Then, the name must arouse emotion. From launch, advertisements must arouse feelings and protect values. Apple, for example, inspires serenity and confidence. Americans support their auto industry. They feel a certain pride in driving a car with the Ford or Chrysler logo. The communicator must find this sensitive fiber when branding management is required.

A whole strategy to develop

In terms of branding management, the strategy changes depending on the notoriety of a brand. Established names such as Coca-Cola do not face the same challenges as yet-to-be-discovered start-ups. Large groups with a certain popularity mainly seek to establish their brand image. Their advertisements on traditional media aim to institutionalize their identity. Multinationals ensure the continuity and stability of their business model. Their social partners, in this case the employees, must share the founding values ​​of their multinational.

For small businesses, branding is all about visibility. These start-ups seek growth and act accordingly. They mainly focus on the Internet. In 2021, entrepreneurs are placing their trust in influencers. They pay for YouTubers to briefly talk about their product or service in a video. That said, more traditional means of communication can also bear fruit. Moreover, you must always act according to the targeted clientele.

Towards the creation of a name, a reputation

A brand strategy focuses on a few essential points. At the top of the list, consistency is key. You need a name that perfectly matches the image that the company wants to give itself. International banks prefer logos with serious fonts. For amusement parks and entertainment professionals, it is necessary to communicate a light-hearted tone that appeals to a family audience. In any case, it is important to never cause confusion.

Terms that have a derogatory meaning even in another culture should be avoided. Having chosen the name of a Scandinavian mythological genius, Elf has long suffered from this image of a playful, even zany character. Internally, employees must regularly be reminded of the brand image they want to have. We must find a way to motivate employees to defend the company’s colors. It was quite the opposite with France Telecom, where 20 employees killed themselves due to professional pressure.

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Manage visibility through social media

There is more to the world than just the Internet, especially for businesses. However, these companies have no choice but to build a solid reputation on the Web. They need excellent visibility thanks to the hard work of community managers. This communications expert must notably rally fans around the founding values ​​of his company. In other words, it takes a lot of interaction on social media to stay visible.

The choice of platform depends on the target. A family business will communicate a lot on Facebook and YouTube. Those who above all want to attract professionals are turning to Twitter and LinkedIn. In front of a female audience, brand image is worked on Instagram. With teenagers, it’s more Tik Tok and Snapchat that you will need to master. Whatever the case, the terms chosen must correspond to the identity that the company wants to create. You have to be careful with your vocabulary, even when responding to an insult. This recommendation holds for photos, games and other suggested interactions.

Place confidence in the strengths of proposals

The marketing manager of a company spends most of his time juggling statistics. He is so busy generating turnover that he has to delegate branding management to a service provider. Moreover, this is the path taken by companies with a relevant brand strategy. Car manufacturers use agencies to create the names of their models. Sometimes they also outsource the design to other design specialists. This allows them to focus on the core of their business, i.e. car production.

No matter the size of a company, it always benefits from new ideas from outside. The big bosses of multinationals appreciate talks with students for this reason. Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and the most famous investors on the planet spend their time coming up with innovative ideas. If they fail, they do not hesitate to buy companies that have interesting concepts. Some manufacturers take advantage of their notoriety to sell products entirely in their name. This is how Samsung, the Korean smartphone brand, launched into the sale of cars stamped with the same logo.

Manage the trust capital granted by customers

A brand is definitely worth more than a distinction. It is also synonymous with the trust placed by customers. Companies that manage this capital are expected to achieve lasting growth. In France, 20 names are among consumers’ favorites. According to the Forbes ranking, Samsung is at the top of this top 20. This is recognition of the services provided by this brand’s phones. The general public also tends to place their trust in manufacturers who provide them with products that are useful on a daily basis.

Amazon is second in the ranking because the platform makes life easier for everyone, especially during the confinement period. Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the planet because he found a way to prevent consumers from going out to shop in stores. In addition to offering an online hypermarket, the man also sells an online entertainment service. That is the demand of the people ?

Advanced skills dedicated to branding management

Brand management also relies on front office staff. The smile of salespeople contributes to building an excellent reputation. The courtesy of call center operators can work in a company’s favor. This is one of the reasons why large groups prefer to outsource customer relations. Trust is above all a feeling that the consumer feels deep down. It is difficult to acquire, but can be lost very quickly. Communication professionals know exactly what to say and do to establish it.

As far as technologies relating to brand management are concerned, these are mainly data banks. The data center allows documentation to be stored on the names used by a company. Then there are the monitoring tools. Currently, it is possible to know everything Internet users have said about a brand. Software is able to analyze them and draw conclusions. Data mining is also at the service of branding management.