Disney et Marvel étaient favorables à ce que Deadpool 3 soit un film violent et pour adultes

Disney and Marvel were in favor of Deadpool 3 being a violent, adult film

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has on its hands a film that aims to restore our enthusiasm for this franchise: Deadpool 3 . The mouthy mercenary’s third film will be the first to be part of the MCU and, as expected, many thought that meant leaving aside the excessive violence that characterizes this saga. Well, it seems Disney has welcomed this dynamic for the character.

Through an interview with Wired, the film’s director Shawn Levy confirmed that Disney and Marvel, in addition to Kevin Feige, supported the idea that dead Pool continued in the direction of being an extremely violent and very bizarre film. Additionally, the producer was also supportive of jokes about absolutely everything, including himself.

“Kevin Feige, Marvel and Disney not only supported this extremely Deadpoolian, edgy, R-rated tone, they also supported our super meta-self-referential self-awareness. Some jokes are dirty, others are cultural observations. , but that’s why we love Deadpool, who knows he’s in a film, even if the stakes are real. Our film is also very faithful to this DNA, with the tremendous support of Marvel and Disney, in particular. mocking and being aware of everything, even of herself.

These comments follow statements from the film’s screenwriters a few months ago, where they explained that they had not been cut for this part and that Deadpool 3 He was not going to suffer the “Disneyfication” from which some franchises have suffered to follow a much more family line.

Initially, Deadpool 3 The release was scheduled for May 3, 2024, but the actors’ strike lasted longer than expected and, although half of the film was made, they decided to postpone it to a date still unknown to the public.

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