Disney Plus lancera sa répression du partage de mots de passe cet été

Disney Plus will begin its fight against password sharing this summer.

As summer approaches, Disney reveals a new strategy intended to regulate the practice of sharing passwords on its Disney Plus platform. During a recent financial communication, Hugh Johnston, CFO at Disney, announced the introduction of a feature allowing users, currently engaged in “inappropriate” account sharing, to migrate to an independent subscription. This innovation, intended to attract more subscribers, underlines Disney’s desire to open up to an even wider audience thanks to its exceptional catalog.

Additionally, Disney plans to expand its services by allowing members outside of the household to be added to a single account, for a fee. additional fees. However, the precise amount of these fees has not yet been communicated. “We aspire to enrich the customer experience while growing our subscriber base,” says Johnston of this new direction.

It is with this in mind that Disney Plus and Hulu, two platforms under the Disney umbrella, have revised their terms of use. Since January 25 for new subscribers, and from March 14 for existing users, sharing a subscription with individuals residing outside the home is officially prohibited. This policy is reminiscent of that adopted by Netflix, which has offered a paid sharing option since last year. At Netflix, allowing someone outside the household to access the service represents an additional cost of $7.99 per month for subscribers.

“Paid sharing represents a significant opportunity for us,” says Johnston. He highlights the example of Netflix, a competitor that is taking advantage of this practice, signaling a clear strategic direction for the months to come.

At the same time, ESPN, which is part of the Disney portfolio, announced the launch of a new sports streaming service, the result of a partnership with Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery. This service, still unnamed, should see the light of day this fall and will be available to Disney Plus subscribers including Hulu and ESPN Plus. This initiative coincides with plans to launch a consumer version of ESPN in August 2025, marking a significant shift in the face of the decline of pay TV and associated advertising revenue.

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Disney is therefore embarking on a series of innovations intended to reshape the interaction with its subscribers and to capitalize on emerging trends in gaming, of the’streaming and business digital. By adapting its services to new consumption habits, Disney affirms its ambition to remain at the forefront of digital entertainment.