Travailler avec des influenceurs vous fait-il plus peur qu'Halloween ?  -IPMARK

Does working with influencers scare you more than Halloween? -IPMARK

Susana Doncel, Director of Talent & Influencer Marketing at Thinketers, tells us how to work on influencer marketing without dying trying and does it thanks to the campaign launched by the agency on Halloween with such powerful messages that “If you have a small budget, we give you just a little influence. » or “We do everything to get the profiles your brand needs.”

On this important date of Halloween… Spooky or Spooky Influencer Marketing Strategies? How has the perception of this area by marketing and communications managers evolved over the years?

It is true that whenever we meet a brand for the first time, we sometimes detect certain fears or “backpacks” that are based either on all the incidents they have had on the way to achieve the performance of a campaign (in the case of internal management), for not having obtained the promised results or for damage resulting from incorrect identification of profiles and their non-alignment with the brand values. Therefore, caution should be exercised when evaluating a campaign proposal: The paper resists everything but the experience of the agency and the guarantee of Excel results do not deceive. and are essential factors to consider when selecting an agency.

After ten years of immersion in the sector, at Thinketers it is our campaigns and the objectives achieved with customers that support us. For us, what is important It’s not about attracting customers, it’s about retaining them., as has been the case with Oscar Mayer, Jata, Grupo Anaya or RTVE with whom we have been working for years. It is important to operate as an extension of the client’s team, with the same vision and only then, in such a changing market, can we offer effective and real-time solutions.

After many market ups and downs and many attempts at demonization, we can finally say that we have successfully penetrated and that the brands perceive all agents involved in a professional and solid manner. If we continue with a growth rate between 15% and 30% (IAB Spain 2023), By the end of 2024, brands could invest more than 100 million in influencer marketing in Spain.

To celebrate Halloween this year, we wanted to give a nod to the sector with an agency campaign, based on lessons from our daily lives when designing and executing strategies of influencer marketing, and with a creative and high-impact component with messages. like “If you just have a small budget, we give you just a little influence” or “We do everything to get the profiles your brand needs. »

In your opinion, what are the keys for a brand to be relevant when working as an MK Influencer?

A campaign must combine several ingredients to be relevant to a consumer saturated with impact and advertising content. For thinkers, the development of a differential creative concept, this helps us bring the brand closer to the content creator and by extension to their community. In some cases, like at BBVA, creativity and humor have been essential for many high-profile profiles like Esperanza Grasia or Supergroografía to join the project, which otherwise would have been difficult. And where creativity has had an impact on business, with a more than 13% increase in the number of people sponsored compared to the previous year.

Equally important is the identification and selection, among the 1.56 million active profiles in Spain, of those who impact your targetthey truly align with your brand values ​​and ensure your reputation is maintained.

It is also essential to use social listening as a tool and be very attentive to digital trends, but only selecting what fits your brand and where it can have a credible and authentic voice. At Thinketers we detected the visibility that was beginning to be given to mental health in all media and we created La Cámara de Gesell, a format broadcast on Play de RTVE, in which identification in the meantime sadfishing influencers with real and credible diagnoseswas decisive by achieving more than 32 million views of content on social networks and an engagement rate greater than 4.5%.

Influencer marketing trends… What are they and which will extend until 2024?

Entertainment and humor (especially in the Spanish market) are and will continue to be essential to connect with an increasingly multi-platform, multi-content and multi-generational consumer. In the Jata Beauty’s latest campaign in which we had to stand out from the digital noise of Christmas campaigns, we decided to play with the double meaning of “Beautify, the pleasure of feeling beautiful”. The influencers took ownership of the concept, they had fun creating content around the product and… we sold out of stock.

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The authenticity of communication, without filters, with a specific purpose and best vertically, will continue to grow. Clients who internalize the importance of co-creation with influencers and always under the supervision of the agency, will discover “their magic” and begin to achieve the long-awaited results in their campaigns.

Another trend that we are undoubtedly implementing and which will already be part of the strategies proposed to clients, will be the recommendation of paid media investment in content generated by influencers. This allows for more precise segmentation, targeting market niches, generating greater reach which, consequently, will have a better return.

Susana Doncel, Head of Talent and Influencer Marketing at Thinketers.

Influencer MK and Branded Content, do they work well together?

This is an additional option for generating relevant content around your brand. Unlike conventional advertising, the brand does not have such a direct presence; the important thing is what we want to tell or convey. This works great in campaigns where the goal is to generate brand awareness or positioning.

Including influencers who are integrated from the conceptualization into this content and in a natural way, makes the impact on the consumer less brutal, a formula we use at Oscar Mayer. We chose to follow the trend of dating programs and apps and created our own dating show: Jumbo Match, in which entertainment was guaranteed around different challenges and where we expressed that the brand and consumption of hot dogs is increasing the level of pleasure. plan with friends.

What new formats are here to stay?

Without a doubt, the podcast was the MVP. In 2022 and 2023, we experienced a boom in which everyone: agencies, brands and content creators got involved “because they had to be there”. It is from now on that the sector will begin to stabilize, to mature in a strategic and significant way. Not every brand has to have a podcast and not every content creator, just because they are one, doesn’t have to be on one.. This, yes , The trend will be towards video podcasts, particularly among the youngest, accustomed to the video format on the rest of the platforms.

The podcast format is a platform which allowed the democratization of different voices and opinions, not so common and more specialized, where you can find any content imaginable more easily than in more conventional media. In non-fictionthe selection of its protagonists (mainly influencers or digital broadcasters) is of particular importance, since their listening is based, especially initially, on audiences from their social networks or those of their guests.

Currently, 60% of digital audio advertising investment in Europe is dedicated to podcasts*. A path in which brands should not only opt for creating their own podcast, but also for Invest in those that already exist, that provide loyal and consolidated audiences, that feel connected and have a sense of belonging to a community.

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*WPP GroupM Nexus Studio.

Every day we see new uses of AI…how does it impact the influencer marketing industry?

Currently agencies, we already use platforms integrating AI for a selection of the quantitative value of influencers. But we still need the expertise and reflection that agencies bring and which are so necessary to qualitatively assess the most suitable profile.

For the own content creators It is a powerful tool that, without a doubt, helps them generate content in a more autonomous, more agile way, with reduced production costs and that allows them to focus on the most creative part. This will radically change the industry and anyone who is not there will be priced out of the market.

With one of our talents, the multidisciplinary artist Coco Dávez, a pioneer in using AI as another way to capture her art, we are already working on two projects for 2024 in the automotive and entertainment sector .

In short, 2024 is a promising year in which influencer marketing will continue to establish itself as an effective means of reaching larger and larger audiences, thanks to the multi-generational and diverse nature offered by the different consumption platforms.