N'imaginez pas une action en direct des Simpsons.  Ça existe, ça a été enregistré en Angleterre et diffusé dans un épisode officiel

Don’t imagine a live action Simpsons. It exists, it was recorded in England and broadcast in an official episode

The Simpsons have been with us for 35 years now, the carismatic yellow family which has a large number of episodes spread over its more than thirty seasons of broadcast. One of the series’ highlights came with the film released in 2007, but many still dream of a flesh-and-blood adaptation.

This appears to be one of the last steps left to complete production, although the truth is that it has already happened. This was when the episode aired. Homer Simpson, this is your wife on March 26, 2006, which showed a classic gag with completely real actors and scenarios. Here are the images projected on this occasion.

Surprising, right? The truth is that Fox was not responsible for making these seconds, but it was all due to Sky One, a British pay channel that broadcast episodes of The simpsons since 1990 on a recurring basis. It was one of their promotions to encourage people to watch the series, but Ricky Gervais thought the idea was so good that he included it directly in the episode he directed.

Yes, the actor and screenwriter was the first guest star in Simpsons history by leading an entire story of the series, even if one detail must be regretted. For some unknown reason, this little live action project was only seen as a substitute for the couch joke when it first aired and was replaced in the rest of the reruns. Of course, what is striking is that Sky One had already done the same in 2000 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of The simpsons but with a shorter version.

On the other hand, we must take into account details such as the fact that we don’t really see a place in the United States. Everything was recorded and filmed in Orpington, Kent, in the London area and this is reflected in the uniform of what would be Chief Wiggum, the car models or the fact that Marge drove on the left. Obviously, there is clear references to characters such as Moe, Long Dewey, Bleeding Gums Murphy or the nuclear power plant itself.