Ne manquez pas sa bande-annonce brutale qui anticipe des batailles très épiques

Don’t miss its brutal trailer which anticipates very epic battles

The content of Final Fantasy XVI was to be expanded once again with the arrival of the expansion The rising tide . We now know when it will go on sale, since Square Enix has confirmed the date on which this new adventure will be launched and it will be the next April 18 at the price of 19.99 euros or 24.99 euros if you buy the expansion pack, which also gives access to the Echoes of the Fallen chapter.

As already planned, this story will be linked to Eikon’s Leviathan . As detailed, Clive and company receive a letter asking them to rescue the Dominant who controls this powerful Water Eikon, who has been missing for a long time. This will lead them to Mysidia, a land hidden under blue skies that hides a tragic story of why it was abandoned.

The protagonists will meet again Shula, a completely new character who will join their cause to help them save Leviathan. Along the way, they will have to face new enemies, like scarier Tonberries, as well as powerful final bosses, as the preview trailer for this expansion clearly anticipates, which makes it clear that it will be very impressive.

Likewise, it was announced that once the expansion is completed, it will be unlocked a new game mode called Kairos Gate . In it you will have to overcome a total of 20 phases, each more difficult than the previous one, although each time you complete one you will get points to improve Clive’s abilities thanks to the materials and weapons that will appear . And another reason to do your best is that you can climb a global ranking.

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On a separate note, Square Enix hinted that something would happen to Clive when he unlocks all of the Eikon’s powers, without going into detail. However, what has been indicated is that the DLC will be accompanied by a free update which will include a function to quickly return to characters who complete missions, new features in photo mode and adjustments to make skills and accessories easier to use, among other surprises.