Dragon Ball Super Manga Pause

Dragon Ball Super remains in the air until further notice. What will happen to the manga without Akira Toriyama?

The next chapter of Dragon Ball Super will be exceptional in many ways: beyond the battle that takes place, it will be the first released after the death of Akira Toriyama. And what will happen next? If the collision between Ultra Instinct Goku and Beast Mode Gohan doesn’t have a clear winner on March 20, it won’t have one in April either. Also, we don’t know when a new page will be published again.

To put himself in the situation, Toriyama did not draw Dragon Ball Super but he presented the story to Toyotaro , his current artist. In addition to this, he directly supervised and corrected his work and, on certain very specific occasions, he himself dared to draw a vignette or an individual character. So, at a minimum, the Superhero Saga will be completed, which includes what has already been seen in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

Until now, Toriyama and Toyotaro published Dragon Ball Super monthly at V-Jump and, now globally, official Shueisha portals such as Manga Plus (and its app) have translated and launched it digitally worldwide. So, as expected, the next chapter will be released online. March 20. And this is where things get complicated.

via an account DbsHype of X A series of previews for the next issue of V-Jump have been shared, including several drafts of the next chapter, and an announcement regarding the publication of the series: starting with the next issue and until further notice the manga Dragon Ball Super is in the air.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Break

“The Dragon Ball Super manga will be on hiatus starting from the next issue. It’s unclear if it’s a month-long hiatus or if it will be something indefinite, we’ll have to wait until next month’s V-Jump for the know. “

According to the same publication, and unlike the last pause before the start the superhero saga , no return date has been given. We understand that Toyotaro, as a mangaka, will need a break and we also know that in honor of Akira Toriyama himself, whom he so admired and always respected, he intends continue drawing Dragon Ball Super.

The manga of Dragon Ball Super This is not the only current project that Toriyama leaves half-orphaned: at the end of the year the Dragon Ball Daima series will be released in which (unlike other anime based on his work) he participated directly and created the character designs. Those already known and those who remain to be known. In the meantime, the Sand Land and Dragon Ball Sparking video games should arrive this year! Zero, also based on his heritage.

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Originally, 2024 was planned as the great holiday of 40 years of Dragon Ball . In a few months, it will be four decades since little Goku and Bulma embarked on a great and exciting adventure. Today, the significance of this date is much greater. But one thing is certain: even if Son Goku’s adventures have always had their days numbered, the genius behind the pen will live forever.