DROPBOX: What do you think of the secure offer dedicated to businesses?

Nowadays, the use of the cloud has become widely democratized among businesses. Although at present there are many online storage solutions, some ultimately prove to be much more secure than others, in this case DROPBOX is exemplary in many points and sets an example from which many actors should draw inspiration.

DROPBOX Establishes in France

Founded in 2007, thebusiness at the head of DROPBOX managed to convince more than 300 million users to make use of their online storage offer. Now established in France, DROPBOX has set itself the objective of attracting the French and establishing itself as THE Cloud storage solution for businesses.

To meet its objectives, DROPBOX has established itself within the French capital, in Paris, and does not skimp on resources. To ensure the success of its project, DROPBOX did not hesitate to recruit certain former members of Googles into its team, including Philippe Plichon, the premises manager. This new director has field experience and it is impossible to have the slightest doubt regarding his professional skills after having worked for large groups such as Thomson and the American giant, Ebay.

Before hearing about the implementation of DROPBOX in France, the DROPBOX company had to recover from several cases linked to the hacking of their servers and therefore, directly to its customers’ data. The company then had to change its organization and equip itself with efficient members, particularly with regard to security, where it now borders on excellence. This is also no coincidence, because the expansion of DROPBOX in France requires it to respond to French rules and values ​​with regard to security and the processing of user data.

DROPBOX recognized and certified with regard to the security of its services

Establishing itself in France requires DROPBOX to comply with various local standards which in themselves are not an obligation with regard to providing secure Cloud storage space, but which ultimately offer the company which benefits from this compliance an additional cachet in the eyes of its customers. DROPBOX intends to attract small but also large businesses to offer them fully secure cloud storage that meets the strict standards of our Country.


Despite having had to face several cases linked to hacking of their platform, DROPBOX recently obtained certification to the ISO 27018 standards of the International Organization for Standardization established in 2014. The role of this standard is to validate the actions carried out by DROPBOX in terms of security with its public cloud customers. However, the acquisition of this standard is not definitive and there should be numerous regular audits to validate the security of the platform.

However, one detail remains important and it is necessary to know it before using the secure Cloud storage offered by Dropbox. The data thus saved on the cloud is stored on American soil via, among others, the Amazon Web Services service, better known under the name AWS by web professionals. Storage itself is therefore subject to American standards and not to those present on our territory.

Due to the recent acquisition of these French standards, the company Dropbox ensures that it convinces the companies present in our territory by offering them ever more secure services dedicated to professionals.

Dropbox is an American company based in San Francisco, founded in 2007 by two MIT students, Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi. The company has been working on a cloud-based Internet storage service for ten years. Dropbox, like Amazon and Box, is a pioneer in the cloud storage space. The service currently has over 500 million users worldwide.

Previously, computer data and files could only be saved on physical media such as hard drives, SD cards or floppy disks.

Cloud storage, on the other hand, has grown in popularity over the past decade.

This technology allows data to be stored on remote servers over the Internet while allowing access from any device.

Dropbox was one of the first cloud storage companies.

What is Dropbox? This is a cloud storage service.

Dropbox was founded in 2007 by MIT students as a personal cloud storage service. It is also useful as an online backup service.

Dropbox is available for Windows PC, Macintosh, Linux and Ubuntu OS. The mobile app is also available for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry.

Users who sign up for this service receive 2 GB of free storage space. By choosing one of the premium options, you can get up to 100 GB of storage space. However, there are a few ways to get more Dropbox storage space for free.

User data is stored on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 256-bit Advanced Encryption System (AES).

A Dropbox folder is generated with the user’s existing folders after installing the accompanying application.

Then the user can save files to the folder, create new folders, and drop files between folders as if they were local folders.

Files saved in the Dropbox folder can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. To download and share files, the user simply needs to log in to their account. To share a file, you can construct a URL from the Dropbox website and give it to other people, who can then access the file.

Folders can be shared by sending an invitation through the Dropbox website. Recipients who don’t have a Dropbox account must sign in to access the folder.

When a folder is shared, it appears in the file system to everyone who has access to it, and all members have access to the files.

However, all versions of the files are saved so that changes can be undone if necessary.

Dropbox Business is a popular document storage and sharing service for businesses.

dropbox for business

Dropbox’s sync technology also makes sharing and collaboration easier, as users can access files from their computers and mobile devices.

In fact, more than 200,000 companies, including National Geographic, Hyatt and News Corp, use Dropbox Corporate, the professional version of the service.

Thanks to its administrative and security features, it is a reliable and efficient work tool.

Dropbox data is encrypted using 256-bit SSL/TLS and AES, making it extremely difficult for hackers and other malicious parties to access.

Additionally, it is possible to recover old versions of files or deleted files for 30 days for the free version, and up to 120 days for paid plans. Dropbox Paper, a collaborative document editing solution for businesses, has been available since October 2015.

Dropbox now includes file conversion tools.

dropbox file conversion

Dropbox is making many changes to its user interface and introducing new tools and features.

File conversion is one of the most intriguing functions. It allows Dropbox users to convert photos between formats such as JPEG and PNG, as well as files to PDF. Video conversion will be available soon.

In addition, automatic photo backups from mobile devices are improving. Dropbox claims that downloads are now faster and more reliable. On iOS, folders to be automatically backed up can be explicitly selected.

The service’s password manager has also been updated. Credit and debit card information can now be stored using this new feature.

The password sharing feature, which was revealed in March, is currently being rolled out.

It is worth noting that the password manager is available to both free and premium account holders. The number of stored passwords is limited to 50 for free accounts.

Finally, Dropbox improves its side navigation interface to make dragging and dropping files easier. The details pane has also been updated to provide more information about files at a glance.

Dropbox is at the center of a data privacy debate.

secret agent

Dropbox, despite its many advantages, is not free from criticism.

Among the most notable mishaps in its history is an authentication problem that occurred in June 2011.

Many accounts were accessed without a password for 4 hours. Additionally, the terms of service were changed in July 2011 to indicate that Dropbox is the legal owner of the data stored on its site.

Between July 2012 and February 2013, a flood of spam infiltrated the service, exposing 68 million email addresses and passwords. Many files that were supposed to be permanently destroyed for years were accidentally resurrected in January 2017.

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Similarly, stolen documents reveal that Dropbox worked with the US government on the PRISM surveillance program.

Dropbox has surpassed the threshold of 15 million paying users.

Dropbox reported revenue of $487.4 million in the third quarter of 2020. This marks a 14% year-over-year increase.

Suffice it to say that Cloud storage is a “dinosaur”….

In fact, the service’s number of paying subscribers increased to 15.25 million, up from 14 million in the third quarter of 2019.

The average revenue per user increased from US$123.15 to US$128.03. The COVID-19 outbreak is one of the reasons for Dropbox’s rapid rise.

Many remote professionals use the service not only to meet their data storage demands, but also to benefit from collaboration capabilities….

Additionally, in response to the coronavirus, Dropbox has chosen to implement permanent remote working for its own employees. This ruling should be in effect until at least June 2021.

After the crisis, the company intends to open four studios in San Francisco, Seattle and Austin in the United States, as well as in Dublin in Europe.

Dropbox: plans and prices

dropbox plans

Dropox’s freemium business model offers customers 2 GB of free storage space.

The Dropbox Plus plan offers 1TB of storage space for €8.25 per month.

The company also offers plans for professional teams, which incorporate additional storage space as well as advanced monitoring, security, support and collaboration tools.

The Basic plan offers 2TB of storage space for $10 per month, while the Advanced and Enterprise plans are customized based on users’ storage needs.

The Advanced plan costs $15 per month per person, while the Enterprise plan is billed based on business needs. Dropbox is now one of the best cloud storage options available.

Dropbox: a new Family offer which includes 2TB of cloud storage

dropbox family

Faced with opposing offers from behemoths like Google Cloud or Apple, market leaders like Dropbox must adapt.

The American company plans to launch a new Family bouquet towards the end of 2020. This offer is intended for families who wish to share the same amount of storage space in the Cloud.

The latter will benefit from 2 TB of storage to preserve not only their images and video memories, but also the personal files of each member of the family. A maximum of six people will be allowed to use the same account at the same time, each having their own place.

The “family room”, on the other hand, is a shared folder to which all members have access. Dropbox users also appreciate various features, like a password manager and a vault for the most important information.

This new family bouquet costs 16.99 euros per month.

Dropbox fires 315 employees, COO resigns

dropbox licenses

Dropbox has increased remote working within the company in response to the COVID-19 situation.

As a result, its labor needs have fallen by the wayside. As a result, the company announced the layoff of 315 employees in January 2021.

Dropbox specifically states that it requires “fewer resources to maintain its on-premises work environment.”

Along with this statement, COO Olivia Nottebohm announced her departure from the company on February 5, 2021.

Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox, believes that the company must “focus on activities that align with its strategic objectives” and “have the discipline to exit those that do not.”

This is, according to him, a necessity to “reach the next stage of progress.”

This means, he says, that “unfortunately we have to reduce the size of certain teams.”

The CEO takes full responsibility for this choice, which he describes as “one of the most difficult he has had to make in 14 years of presidency.” Dropbox’s stock price collapsed 3.4% following the announcement.

Towards the takeover of Dropbox by Zoom?

What if Zoom bought Dropbox?

RBC Capital Markets experts predict this based on increasingly common rumors.

The American firm, whose videoconferencing software has enjoyed enormous success since the first confinement, could buy Dropbox and Smartsheets. Zoom would thus be able to develop a consolidated enterprise collaboration platform. Analysts predict that Zoom’s sales will improve due to this strategy.

It has the potential to become the benchmark platform for teamwork in business. Users would no longer have to rely on suites of tools from Google and Microsoft, but could rely entirely on Zoom. This would be the next step after the platform’s existing integration options.

We can imagine new features for file sharing, editing, team participation and email communication. Thus, Zoom would build on its success from last year by diversifying its services and expanding its territory.

In the near future, Zoom intends to introduce email and calendar service as a first step. Users will be able to manage their calendars and emails from the same platform they use for video conferencing.

The company would thus enter into direct competition with Microsoft and Google.

Dropbox makes its password manager completely free for its users

This option was previously reserved for premium Dropbox users. From next April, the cloud computing service intends to make its password manager free for its members.

Indeed, the security of its various online accounts is mainly based on a multiplicity of passwords. Moreover, the chances of having one of your accounts hacked decrease depending on the number of passwords held.

As a reminder, the more “special” characters a password contains, the stronger it is considered, and therefore more difficult to hack. However, remembering these types of phrases is a real headache, and rather than writing them down on a post-it that you risk misplacing, Dropbox offers a manager. Although this feature is paid initially, the free version allows you to store up to 50 passwords on up to 3 different devices.

In order to attract new users and encourage them to sign up for other offers, the platform continues to improve its tools and offer a better experience. In addition, the firm plans to launch a secure password sharing feature.

How to add Dropbox to “Send to” context menu in Windows 10?

windows context menu

Adding files to Dropbox folders can sometimes be difficult.

To do this, one must first add the service to the right-click context menu of Windows 10. After that, adding files will be as easy as a few clicks. First of all, locate the “Send To” folder.

You can find it by pressing Windows key + R, which opens a dialog box where you can type “shell:sendto” and enter the command.

Then, in the left pane, right-click the Dropbox folder and drag it to the “Send To” field on the right.

By releasing the mouse button, you can go to the menu and select “Create shortcuts here”. Finally, a Dropbox shortcut will appear in your folder.

It will be more convenient to directly right-click and select “Send to” and “Dropbox” the next time you want to send a file.

How to delete a Dropbox account on a PC?

delete dropbox account on pc

Before you delete a Dropbox account, it’s essential to understand what happens next.

The data will in fact be destroyed, and the platform will be deleted from all devices.

The application installed on the PC will no longer be synchronized and will be inaccessible. Access to shared folders will also be lost. However, they will remain available to other members.

Therefore, before terminating a Dropbox account, it is essential to download any vital data or documents kept online.

To do this, log in to the user area and hover your cursor over the “Name” label on the left side. Then just check the “Download all files” box.

To avoid any subsequent payment, it is also necessary to unsubscribe from any subscription after this step.

To complete this step, sign in to your Dropbox account, then click the avatar to go to the Settings tab. Next, go to “Plan” and select “Unsubscribe from your Plus or Professional subscription”.

Once the necessary files have been downloaded and the subscription is complete, all that remains is to delete the account. To do this, simply go to “Settings”.

You need to click on the “Delete Account” option under the “General” tab and then enter the password. The platform asks you to give the reason for deleting the account before clicking on “Delete permanently”. As a result of these actions, Dropbox will begin destroying all files saved there over the next 30 days.

Dropbox buys DocSend

docsend logo

Dropbox recently announced that it had reached an agreement to acquire DocSend.

The latter is a secure document analysis and sharing solution that has more than 17,000 customers of various sizes from around the world.

Joining Dropbox, according to DocSend, will allow the company to grow significantly faster.

On the one hand, by providing capabilities to hundreds of millions of people, who then need to exchange and manage essential content.

On the other hand, due to the significant increase in demand for remote working, this combination allows information to be structured effortlessly and efficiently while meeting the growing demand for digital tools.

Additionally, the integration of both platforms with HelloSign provides consumers with a comprehensive suite of products that are secure and easy to use.

For the rest, the important management of document flow in the era of collaboration is improved, particularly on the Dropbox platform.

Joining forces also allows DocSend to scale rapidly and support more customers than ever before.

Dropbox may purchase DocSend under the terms of the agreement, subject to closing circumstances and price changes.