DUCKDUCKGO: A search engine that respects your privacy

DUCKDUCKGO stands out from other search engines on the market, this tool effectively preserves your personal data. Here is everything you need to know about this exceptional tool.

Against all expectations, GAFAM are taking advantage of the place they occupy on the internet to collect data on a large scale. Moreover, these companies are no longer content with collecting sensitive data, they are selling it to the highest bidders. Which constitutes an attack on the fundamental rights of Internet users.

In this situation, more and more individuals are seeking to preserve their confidentiality while browsing freely on the Web. It is precisely to meet this need that DuckDuckGo was created.

DuckDuckGo: Kezako?

This is a search engine accessible since 2008. According to its designers, this tool does not integrate any tracking module. Indeed, it does not collect any cookies and will not try to exploit your browsing data or collect your IP. For this purpose, all users retain their anonymity and cannot in principle be traced.

What are the differences with other search engines?

DuckDuckGo simply provides you with the results of the searches you launch regardless of your browsing habits. As it does not collect any data, it is not able to display targeted advertising content or links that may be of interest to you.

Therefore, this tool presents the same results to all Internet users for a given query. In this context, it may happen that the list of answers provided is not relevant. However, you maintain your confidentiality at all times.

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In fact, DuckDuckGo relies on more than 300 sources to deliver any result. The DuckDuckBot search algorithm continually crawls the web to index new content. When consulting a site via the tool’s SERPs, the tool does not communicate any information about the user.

Like any search engine, DuckDuckGo uses different SEO criteria including the level of security offered by the sites it displays. The crawler will favor portals that use the HTTPS protocol, a guarantee of security for Internet users.

Why use DuckDuckGo?

This search engine will be perfect for anyone who wants to preserve their browsing data. In fact, DuckDuckGo is one of the few tools of this type that does not collect any information about your identity or your browsing preferences. Besides, it does not record your history. Even if the company is seized by the courts, the competent authorities will not find anything about the users of this search engine.

As the tool does not store cookies or other data, it guarantees you a sort of anonymity. The phrases you are looking for will never be known by obscure DuckDuckGo partners.

Another advantage! DuckDuckGo is managed by a human-sized company. This allows you to benefit from responsive customer support and maintain a certain proximity with those responsible. Moreover, the firm behind this search engine regularly publishes information on these activities on the internet. An initiative which demonstrates that the establishment really wishes to demonstrate transparency.

Does DuckDuckGo have any flaws?

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Moreover, be aware that DuckDuckGo holds less than 1% market share. Lesser-known search engines like Ask, Yandex or Baidu register more users than DDG. A significant handicap since the team is therefore unable to develop new features due to the limited resources at their disposal.

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In this regard, developers often simply import functions present on Google. Sometimes the technicians go about it clumsily. This kind of experiment could ultimately push Internet users to turn to Google.

How to use DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is accessible on most browsers. You can also turn to a mobile app or extension for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In this second case, you will just need to add the extension to your browser. Tor users will also find that DuckDuckGo is the search engine suggested by this rather particular browser.

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Since an update in 2019, Chromium has integrated search options into its browser in more than 60 countries. You can also use DuckDuckGo through these new options.

The French are also lucky enough to be able to use Qwant, an alternative to DuckDuckGo. Although Google is the creator, this search engine is a response to the numerous feedback received regarding its data management policy. Thanks to Qwant, the American giant intends to meet the new needs of consumers. User confidentiality was particularly put at the center of all concerns.

DuckDuckGo: soon to be acquired by Apple?

According to Toni Sacconaghi, a renowned analyst, the acquisition of DuckDuckGo could help Apple better compete with Google. Having its own search engine will allow the Apple brand to derive juicy advertising revenue from its devices.

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Currently, Apple pockets about $10 billion a year to keep Google the default search engine for iPhones and iPads. At the same time, the deal allows Google to generate more than 15 billion dollars. A shortfall of 5 billion that Apple could receive by having its own search engine.

According to experts, the acquisition of DuckDucKGo is expected to cost Apple $1 billion. This would make it possible to generate advertising revenue and, if necessary, to renegotiate the terms of the contract between it and Google.

To date, Apple does not seem to have decided to take this route. That said, no one knows if negotiations are already taking place between DuckDuckGo and Apple. Time will tell if such a scenario will occur.

DuckDuckGo: what if the engine still collected your valuable data?

Despite the values ​​on which DuckDuckGo is based, Cowreth, an ethical hacker denounced the search engine’s data policy in July 2020. This specialist announced on GitHub that DDG collects information without users’ knowledge. These concern in particular the browsing history.

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Still according to Cowreth, DuckDuckGo collects the browsing history of users of its mobile application for Android. The addresses visited are carefully listed. This information should allow the company to understand the profile of Internet users. However, these data also make it possible to identify the IP of the persons concerned.

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Following these revelations, Gabriel Weinberg, the CEO and Founder of DuckDuckGo spoke out, emphasizing that he was not aware of this practice. The development team is committed to addressing this flaw. The technicians plan in particular to store this data locally in the user’s Smartphone.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that protects your data.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that prioritizes data security.

Find out everything you need to know about it, including its features, benefits, differences from Google, and how to use it…

In recent years, the questionable data collection tactics of internet giants have come to light.

Web companies like Facebook and Google sell their users’ personal data for advertising purposes and are not afraid to use nefarious techniques to collect ever more data.

In this situation, a growing number of Internet users around the world are looking for options that would allow them to continue using the Web without jeopardizing their privacy.

This is why the DuckDuckGo search engine is gaining popularity.

What is DuckDuckGo and what does it do?

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that appeared in 2008.

According to its designers, it is the “search engine that doesn’t track you”. This means that this web engine does not monitor users using cookies or collect personal information about people who use it.

Users’ IP addresses are also disguised.

What are the differences between DuckDuckGo, Google and other search engines?

DuckDuckGo differs from Google and other search engines in several ways.

For starters, it doesn’t log its users’ IP addresses. It only collects keyword information and does not collect any user data.

Rather than filtering and personalizing results based on user history, as Google does, DuckDuckGo deliberately displays the same results to all users for the same phrase.

As a result, the results are less meaningful, but confidentiality is preserved.

Its data comes from more than 400 sources, including Bing, Wolfram Alpha, Wikipedia, Yahoo! and its own crawler, DuckDuckBot.

Additionally, this search engine does not share the keywords that users enter with the websites they visit as a result of their searches. Cookies are only used when absolutely necessary. Additionally, DuckDuckGo prefers HTTPS-encrypted web pages over unencrypted versions. Finally, DuckDuckGo is entirely based on open-source technologies and initiatives.

DuckDuckGo: its advantages compared to other search engines

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In view of the details given above, the advantages of DuckDuckGo for Internet users are numerous.

For starters, this search engine protects your privacy by not storing your search history. Even if police demand data from DuckDuckGo, the company will be unable to provide it.

Knowing that the websites you visit using this search engine do not receive any information about the phrases that sent you there, you won’t have to worry about your search terms being revealed.

Plus, because DuckDuckGo is created by a small team of less than 50 people, you can connect directly with its founders and tell them your own thoughts and ideas.

Finally, let’s salute the honesty of the company, since all its information is published on its official website.

Duckduckgo: what are its flaws?

DuckDuckGo, unfortunately, is not without its problems. To begin with, this search engine is much less powerful than Google.

This is not surprising given that its developers do not and never will have the same resources as the Mountain View juggernaut.

Additionally, this search engine only represents a small part of the market.

In 2017, “DDG” held 0.22% of the global market share, trailing Ask, Yandex and even Baidu.

However, it continues to grow at a rapid rate year after year.

The final flaw of DuckDuckGo is that most of its features are directly inspired by and attempt to replicate Google. Otherwise, in the context of privacy, to go against it. In fact, in terms of innovation, this search engine will always lag behind “Big G”…

How do I use DuckDuckGo?

For now, DuckDuckGo does not have its own browser, like Google does with Chrome and Mozilla with Firefox.

The company just provides a mobile app and a browser plugin. To use DuckDuckGo, simply add this extension to your default online browser.

Another option for browsing the Internet is Tor software, which uses DuckDuckGo as its default search engine.

DuckDuckGo has been added as a search engine option in Google Chrome.


Google has added many search engine options to its Chrome browser in over 60 countries since March 2019, with the Chromium 73 update.

DuckDuckGo is one of these new possibilities.

Furthermore, French users can use Qwant, a French equivalent of DuckDuckGo.

For Google, this is a method to address the myriad privacy and data protection concerns raised against Chrome.

It’s also a way to stay up to date with trends and customer preferences, as “private” search engines become more and more important.

Qwant, on the other hand, continues to recommend Mozilla Firefox or Brave as web browsers…

DuckDuckGo soon to be acquired by Apple?

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According to Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Bernstein, Apple’s acquisition of DuckDuckGo could be a wise strategic move.

In particular, it could allow Apple to exert pressure on its rival Google and raise significant advertising funds.

Google currently pays Apple nearly $10 billion to be the default search engine on the iPhone and iPad, but it generates about $15 billion from iOS users who use its search engine.

According to the expert, Apple should pay around $1 billion for DuckDuckGo.

This would not only allow it to receive its share of advertising revenue, but also put pressure on Google to change the terms of the deal in its favor. However, for now, this is simply an analyst’s strategic recommendation.

It is not certain that Apple will take this advice into account, and that DuckDuckGo will be modified in the event of a takeover…

DuckDuckGo is accused of collecting user history by an ethical hacker.

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It’s a depressing revelation, to say the least.

Cowreth, an ethical hacker, claimed on GitHub in early July 2020 that DuckDuckGo could store users’ browsing histories without their knowledge.

According to its claim, the mobile app for Android filters users’ browsing information to DuckDuckGo’s servers.

All information about the user’s domain visits is collected.

This information could potentially allow the company to develop a user profile based on their interests.

It can also determine the IP addresses used to access pages.

Following the avalanche of criticism, DuckDuckGo CEO and creator Gabriel Weinberg said he was unaware of the issue. This problem will be remedied by storing the “favicons” locally on the user’s smartphone…