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Economic recovery in events following the Covid-19 epidemic

Many sectors have been affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. In the field of events, almost all trades have been impacted. Fortunately, the health situation is now more lenient and event services are resuming as restrictions are lifted.

Wedding and sound: busy schedule for 2022

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the year 2020 was marked by the cancellation of events related to festive gatherings. The music, festivals, wedding and catering sectors have been greatly affected. But today, activities are resuming.

Since the start of 2022, activities have resumed. Weddings, nightclubs, restaurants, room rentals, sound system and entertainment, dj for my wedding and everywhere in France, the events sector is regaining color. If we only talk about canceled weddings, we can say that there are many of them. But today, there are no longer any health restrictions or limitations on the number of people present in the event of a public gathering. In part, thanks to postponed weddings, the agenda for 2022 is complete for many caterers and festivities organizers. And as the season has already started, the time for economic recovery for the events sector has come.

A guarantee fund to compensate service providers for mass cancellations

Despite a blank year in 2020, event professionals are now ready to bring their concepts back to life. Moreover, the report on the events sector published by parliamentarians stipulates the establishment of an interministerial organization. In this report, one proposal in particular attracted the attention of UNIMEV or the French Union of Event Trades. A solution that aligns perfectly with the initiatives set out in the UNIMEV White Paper. Added to this is the creation of a guarantee fund which will serve as compensation for losses following mass cancellations caused by the pandemic.

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These initiatives will allow event professionals to resume their activities more calmly after this difficult period.

What future for the catering sector post Covid-19?

In the restaurant sector, many challenges have been posed by Covid-19. The confinement period has indeed forced restaurateurs to rethink their activities. Faced with this, we have seen many changes: menus reviewed and corrected, staff trained in health risks and home deliveries among others.

Today, establishments around the world have reopened their doors. The catering sector still faces certain challenges. But in any case, the pandemic has accelerated changes in the restaurant sector. This has allowed restaurateurs to invent new ways of serving their customers, but also to change consumer behavior in the face of persistent health risks.

Reopening of nightclubs since February 16, 2022

Since February 16, 2022, nightclubs have been able to reopen their doors. This has no other meaning than the lifting of health restrictions. Partygoers and nightlife enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the reopening of nightclubs in complete peace of mind.

On the economic front, with only a few days left before the summer season, thousands of seasonal jobs are available in nightclubs. And professionals in the sector are impatiently hoping to replenish their customers. In the case of Toulouse for example, attendance at nightclubs has returned to the same pre-Covid level.