La poste mail : une alternative intéressante à Gmail ?, performance, interface, écrans

Email: an interesting alternative to Gmail?

These days, there is no shortage of email providers to choose from. Among them, LaPoste Mail also positions itself as a free and accessible service, seeking to compete with giants such as Google’s Gmail. To help you see more clearly in this comparison, we will analyze the performance, the interface, the screens and the organization of the boxes, as well as the opinions and functionalities offered by each of them.

Comparison between LaPoste Mail and Gmail: which service to choose?

In this parallel between LaPoste Mail and Gmail, it is essential to examine several aspects to determine which is best suited to your needs:

  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Screens
  • Organization
  • Reviews and features
  • Problems

Performance and interface

One of the first things to consider when choosing an email is its overall performance in terms of speed, storage capacity and security. Gmail undeniably stands out as one of the most powerful providers on these criteria, offering 15 GB of free storage, fast loading time and excellent protection against spam, malware and various online threats.

LaPoste Mail, for its part, offers a complete service with a similar storage capacity of 15 GB. However, loading times can be slightly slower than at Gmail, but this remains very acceptable for everyday use. In terms of security, La Poste undertakes not to use your data for advertising purposes and guarantees increased confidentiality for its users.

The LaPoste Mail interface is intended to be simple and uncluttered, allowing users to quickly find their bearings and easily access the main functions. However, Gmail’s seems more modern and intuitive, integrating advanced tools such as autocomplete and display customization.

Screens and organization of boxes

To manage your emails effectively, it is important to have a good system of screens and organization of inboxes. LaPoste Mail provides automatic classification of emails into folders (personal, professional, leisure, etc.) which facilitates sorting and searching for specific messages. Additionally, you can also create custom folders according to your needs.

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Gmail goes even further by offering a label system, which allows the same message to be classified under several labels without deleting the original. This is ideal for avoiding duplicates and optimizing storage space. Additionally, the threaded conversation view makes it easy to track chat history and get an overview of your matches.

Reviews and features

One of Gmail’s strengths lies in its range of advanced features, making it easier to manage your email. It offers in particular:

  • The ability to schedule the sending of an email at a later date
  • Pre-built templates to quickly write common messages
  • Easy integration with other Google services (Calendar, Drive, etc.)

For its part, LaPoste Mail also offers some interesting features:

  • An online calendar to centralize your appointments and events
  • A complete address book that can be shared with your contacts
  • A family space to share documents and information between loved ones

As for user reviews, while some appreciate the local and secure nature of LaPoste Mail, many still emphasize the superiority of Gmail in terms of simplicity and overall ergonomics. Some also criticize Google’s privacy policy but recognize the quality of the service offered.

Problems encountered

No service is without problems, and this also applies to Gmail and LaPoste Mail. Although very efficient, Gmail can cause some problems such as unwanted receipt of advertising emails, sometimes excessive filtering of certain correspondence or even limited technical assistance for non-paying users.

LaPoste Mail is not left out with technical problems sometimes encountered, particularly when sending or receiving emails. Some features may also be less convenient to use than those offered by Gmail, such as managing attachments in the outbox.

Towards a choice adapted to your needs

Finally, there is no universal answer as to which messaging service to choose between LaPoste Mail and Gmail. If you are looking for a secure and confidential service combined with a more local approach, LaPoste Mail may be right for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a solution with advanced features and integrated with other online services, Gmail could better meet your expectations.