eMule-Island: its new address in 2022

eMule-Island, formerly eMule Paradise, was truly a treasure island for download enthusiasts in the late 2000s. Two decades later, it seems that the site has disappeared from the internet. But, what if we tell you that this platform is still online? Browse these few lines to find out its address in 2022.

eMule Paradise: one of the very first download directories

Appearing in 2006, eMule Paradise was one of the very first French-speaking sites to offer a vast library of downloadable content. The platform offered Internet users films, TV series, cartoons, reports, but also adult films. All this was available for free while at the time competitors charged €1 to €5 for each download.

In this context, the site quickly attracted millions of Internet users eager to obtain the latest cinema releases or the most anticipated musical albums of the moment as quickly as possible. For movie buffs, administrators did everything possible to subtitle the latest box office films in French as soon as they were released. eMule Paradise also stood out for its system for diagnosing corrupted links. Thus, the files posted online remained accessible for months.

Still, with the tightening of laws against the violation of copyright and intellectual property, the site was placed in Hadopi’s crosshairs and its founder, Vincent Valade, was arrested and then finally condemned in 2015. Which marked the end of the site. Against all expectations, another team took up the initial idea to create eMule-Island. Until today, this platform is thriving, but its address changes regularly.

From eMule Paradise to eMule-Island: a notable evolution

eMule Paradise was based on a peer-to-peer download system. Visitors had to use eMule to download the file of their choice. However, this software has lost its popularity over the years. A situation which forced eMule-island to reinvent itself. The administrators therefore offered streaming and direct downloading. These new services have allowed the platform to build a small community around it. Nevertheless, this modest success was enough to attract the wrath of Hadopi.

eMule-Island: the same destiny as e-Mule Paradise?

e-Mule-Island commits the same offenses as eMule Paradise in the eyes of the competent authorities. Although peer-to-peer downloading is not illegal in itself, the content offered on the platform is protected work. Films, TV series, pieces of music and video games were shared without the knowledge of their authors. The latter naturally filed a complaint.

Hadopi therefore contacted internet service providers to block access to the site’s domain name in France. Following this, the platform changed its address for the first time which was blocked again. A second domain name change was undertaken to once again escape this blockage.

What is the new URL to access eMule-Island?

The latest news is that the site is accessible on emule-island.eu. As mentioned above, this change was necessary to escape the restrictions put in place by ISPs. Regardless, the platform has kept its design. Regular users will find the content they are looking for in one place. Furthermore, no service previously offered is missing. Those interested will therefore still be able to watch streaming videos and opt for downloading in DDL. However, the site will certainly change address in the future. If so, we will of course inform you of the new address of eMule-Island.

Be careful of fraudulent copies

As with directory-download, eMule-Island has also attracted the interest of webmasters from all walks of life. The latter created copies of the site including both its content library and its graphic charter. However, these platforms also harbor malware. Computer viruses, which once downloaded, will steal your personal data and harm you in one way or another.

Does visiting eMule-Island expose you to any risk?

By visiting the site via the link we provided above, you do not risk downloading malware. However, illegal downloading exposes you to penalties. If Hadopi manages to trace you, the police will arrest you at your home or demand that you pay a fine.

How to escape Hadopi?

Given the risks involved, we do not encourage you to illegally download movies or TV series from eMule-Island or other similar platforms. Just for your information, please note that there are solutions to escape Hadopi’s tracking. In recent years, many illegal downloaders have been using a VPN.

These tools were designed to hide your IP address and therefore hide your location at the same time. These software also encrypt incoming and outgoing data for added security. In short, you manage to escape all control.

VPN: instructions for downloading

After choosing your VPN, all you need to do is log in to your account. This being done, you must launch it to choose a server. Once the connection is established, you can start the download from your browser. In short, this tip is accessible to everyone as long as you choose your VPN carefully. Some of them keep track of user activities. In the event of a search led by Hadopi, there is still a risk of being arrested.

Alternatives to eMule-Island

eMule-Island is not the only site intended for illegal downloading. Other platforms offer similar services and an equally rich library of content. In the event of a change of address, all you need to do is turn to these portals to continue downloading films, TV series and music.

Directory-download and directory area for DDL

Directory-download and directory zone replace Zone-download, the reference for direct downloading a few years ago. It offers a wide variety of content and files to satisfy Internet users looking for entertainment.

Yggtorrent: a French-speaking community for sharing Torrent

Despite the success of streaming and direct downloading, torrents also have their fans. If you are looking for French content, it is better to look into Yggtorrent. Registration is free and administrators ensure that your data is protected.

Extreme Download: to download Torrents at will

Extreme Download also offers an extensive catalog of files accessible via Torrents. This time, no registration is required. The team behind the platform does everything possible to integrate new features as quickly as possible.

Torrent9: a site that no longer needs to be introduced

Torrent9 has gained solid notoriety in just a few years. From now on, like Cpasbien, the site has become essential when it comes to torrent downloads. However, the platform does not offer a streaming service or direct download.

Mega search: a unique charging engine

Mega search is not a download site, but rather a search engine for illegally shared content. By using it, those interested will find in just a few clicks the film, the TV series or even the fun video title that we have been looking to download for years. It references most of the content offered on download sites.

Everything you need to know about eMule-Island and its new address in 2022.

A few years ago, eMule-Island became a must-have for download enthusiasts.

Everything you need to know about the new download site location (a little further down in the article).

The free P2P file sharing software eMule (Peer to Peer), released in 2006, had its heyday towards the end of the 2000s.

The Hadopi law dealt a major blow to the software, causing its user base to dwindle due to fear of repercussions.

Then, the democratization of Torrent clients, which allows faster downloads, accentuated its fall.

eMule (also known as mule) remains a useful tool, especially for locating older content that is not always available on Torrent.

eMule-Island has quickly established itself as the best partner for French Internet users.

A look back at this love story and the evolution of the site which was originally called eMule-Paradise.

What is eMule-Island?

eMule-Island is a French site that offers download links.

Its repertoire is exceptionally extensive, with films in French or subtitled, television series, animated films and cartoons, reports and shows, and even ebooks available.

Recently, XXX movies have been added to the collection.

The entire site is free, and unlike many competitors, the amount of advertising is manageable.

Its rapid diagnosis of corrupted links also contributed to its success and quality.

emule island

eMule-Island and the problems of justice

Peer-to-peer sharing is not prohibited per se.

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What is abhorrent is the downloading of copyrighted works.

The majority of Island’s eMule inventory, however, continues to be copyrighted works that fall under the Hadopi Act.

Many copyright owners filed complaints against eMule-Paradise, which was forced to shut down… only to restart in Russia as eMule-Paradise.ru.

Following further problems, the Russia-based site was forced to close as well, eventually restarting with a new location in 2020.

What is the new URL address for eMule-Island?

To avoid lawsuits, eMule-Island changed its name to eMule-Is.land, which is a positive change, and you can now access eMule-Island at https://emule-island.eu/ .

The graphic part of the site has not changed much since the Russian edition, and you will have no trouble finding your way around.

It is almost certain that this new site will also be forced to close in the future.

If this is the case, we will notify you of its new address.

Watch out for emule island clones!

But be careful.

Clones of the download site were created following the closure of eMule-Paradise, then eMule-Island.ru.

However, viruses and other malware are often embedded in these clones.

Do not trust sites that do not have the emule-is.land domain; they could cause serious problems by infecting your machine.

What are the risks involved in visiting the emule island site?

You are free to browse the eMule-Island site.

Downloading content to which you do not own the rights is illegal.

You can freely download a movie that you purchased on DVD but is damaged, but you cannot do so if you do not own it.

This is where the Hadopi law can pose problems.

How to bypass Hadopi to upload to emule-island?

Using a VPN is the easiest way to avoid falling victim to the Hadopi law.

In France, using a VPN is completely legal.

It allows you, among other things, to connect with another IP address, making your location impossible to determine, as well as to encrypt all data sent and received.

Thus, you are completely invisible to Hadopi’s radars.

However, even if the police are unable to locate you and you are using a VPN correctly, downloading copyrighted works is still illegal.

How to use a VPN with eMule-Island

It is very simple.

Simply choose a reputable VPN (some are free, but limited, others are paid with a subscription which remains accessible).

Once you’re determined, all that’s left to do is get it up and running.

Using a VPN is pretty simple and intuitive in general.

Once the VPN is set up, you can access eMule-Island and download or stream whatever you want without fearing Hadopi’s fury.

eMule Paradise, a new trial eight years after the initial trial

The creator of the site was ordered to pay $8 million in damages by the prosecutor, who appeared on February 9 and 10 in Paris.

The trial of eMule Paradise, an illegal download site for films and television shows, finally took place on February 9 and 10 at the 31st chamber of the TGI in Paris after eight years of postponements, cancellations, counter- annulments and referrals to the investigating judge.

The creator and owner of eMule Paradise, Vincent Valade, 29, as well as four other young people, some of whom are volunteers, and the owner of the advertising agency Netavenir, who placed ads on the site, are all on trial for their involvement.

Opposite, an impressive armada: eight lawyers representing thirteen civil parties, including the heavyweights of Hollywood (Fox, Disney, Universal, Paramount), the French media giants Pathé and Galatea, Sacem…
Even though the case is old, it still serves as an example for the plaintiffs because Vincent Valade had everything to gain.

A year after its launch in 2004, eMule Paradise was shut down in December 2006.
He was only 18 years old in 2004 when Vincent Valade developed a successful business model.
For a French-speaking audience, the site selected and published links to films and television shows hosted on the computers of millions of Internet users connected via the peer-to-peer eMulle software.
In addition to downloading the eMule software, tutorials, files on works, a ranking in the top 50, a forum and an RSS news feed, it offered a very user-friendly interface.

Here you can learn more about the eMule project and download the software.
P2P download software is becoming less and less popular.

It was alleged that the eMule Paradise offered real added value to Internet users, in particular by validating links to prevent visitors from encountering unpleasant surprises (poor quality or truncated copies, poorly named films, files infected by viruses, etc.). )
An estimated 330,000 people visited its site on certain days, according to investigators from the Association for the Fight against Audiovisual Piracy, and it provided links to more than 7,000 films.
More than 6.1 million downloads could be attributed to Vincent Valade.

Thanks to an agreement with the advertising agency Netavenir which made it possible to display banners from major brands on its pages, the service made money even though it was free.
With more than 410,000 euros in the bank, Vincent Valade could afford to rent powerful Internet servers, hire technicians and buy a Porsche Cayenne for 70,000 euros.
In addition, he had set up a pornographic video platform on another website that he had opened.
Prosecutors say the two sites worked “in synergy” on commercial, technical and financial levels, which is legal.

For tax and social security reasons, he created three shell companies: one in New Jersey with a bank account in Estonia, another in Belize with a bank account in Cyprus, and a third in Luxembourg. All of these accounts were located overseas.
The fact that Vincent Valade is a “precocious and skillful pirate businessman”, according to Sacem’s lawyer, Josée-Anne Benazeraf, is proof of this.

In September 2006, he was apprehended by a team of specialized investigators.
For his part, the man is not impressed and continues his activities, collecting money for “big fines” through an online appeal.
Because of this, she was taken into custody a second time in December, and things didn’t go well this time: “The police threatened to take me into custody if I didn’t immediately shut down my website from their local.
Since then, the site no longer works.
Shortly after, Vincent Valade settled in Luxembourg.
This man claims to have abandoned his pornographic site to concentrate on his eMule site.
Nothing ever goes as planned in Luxembourg.
Ruined, he returns to his mother in France and lives with her.

As he defends himself today, he claims that in reality he only earned around 160,000 euros in total.
He said most of the money came from the legal porn site eMule Paradise, not the site itself.
He contacted a Luxembourg company online that offered “offshore packages” for companies he wanted to work with abroad.
“It’s just a mistake, I was poorly advised, I suffered negative influences,” he said of his lack of a driving license.

ten years of legal action

With age and the beard that goes with it, Vincent Valade has become an intimidating figure.
Even ten years later, it is difficult to remember the adventurous and defiant teenager he was.
He had difficulty coping with this terrible ordeal.
He is unemployed and lives with his mother in Asnières, France: “After reading this story, I am too exhausted to do anything else all day.
I am unable to do anything, and my future is uncertain.
I’m curious to see what happens next.”

To explain his past behavior, he recounts his childhood, that of a kid traumatized by a family bereavement, who dropped out of school at the age of 14 and who only communicates with the rest of the world via the Internet after a series school failures.
At school, he developed an interest in computers and made friends from a distance: “The creation of the site was carried out by a small, fraternal and supportive community, without commercial goals.
As soon as I felt like I could finally exist and do things, I started sharing my enthusiasm with others.
It was thanks to the Internet that I was able to break out of my isolation.
All topics were discussed by the 150,000 members of the forum.”

According to the one who claims to have never hidden, because he did not really feel guilty since he did not host any files and was content to publish links created by other people, it is not only he wasn’t hiding.
Urssaf and the tax authorities were already aware of his situation, so he had taken steps to normalize it by declaring his first income on his mother’s tax return.

The civil parties, who do not seem concerned by the defense arguments, are asking for 8 million euros in damages.
In total, 367,000 euros are owed by him to the tax authorities due to late payment penalties and surcharges.
His lawyer, Jean-Philippe Hugot, is in charge of financial matters. “There is nothing left in his bank account.
Netavenir owes him $50,000 for the seizure of his Porsche, and he had to pay 50,000 euros to have the car taken into court.”
Without success, Vincent Valade negotiated with the tax authorities: “To show my good faith, I got a job at Decathlon.
When I refused to pay 200,000 euros per year, the collection company demanded that I do so.
So I stopped everything.

A prison sentence was never requested by the prosecutor.
Vincent Valade was ordered to pay a fine of 80,000 euros as well as 8 million euros in damages.
Jean-Philippe Hugot says he has no problem paying the fine.
Thanks to the money from the consignment and the confiscated Porsche, the State will be able to take care of itself.
On the other hand, if the damages are confirmed by the judge, he will be responsible until the end of his life.”
The planned fines are 4,000 to 10,000 euros for the accomplices and 50,000 dollars for Netavenir.
The court postponed the decision until May 12.
The wait for a response from Vincent Valade is far from over.