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Equinix: the world’s largest data center provider victim of Ramsomware

Equinix, the world’s largest data center provider, recently announced that it had been the victim of ransomware. To reassure its users, the company ensures that its customers’ data has not been compromised.

Data is expensive, and for that, Data centers are considered real safes, digital Fort Knoxs are however not safe from cybercriminals as demonstrated here by Equinix, world market leader targeted by a cyberattack and more specifically, ransomware.

Without providing further details on the attack in question, Equinix simply stated that an investigation was underway and that the authorities had taken over. The Bleeping Computer website managed to obtain several documents including a screenshot showing several folders encrypted by the ransomware, we can notably see very sensitive files belonging to the company such as legal and financial data.

The blackmail carried out here by the hackers was unequivocal. If Equinix did not pay its ransom within three days, all this data would have leaked onto the internet. The attack in question apparently took place in early September, during a weekend.

The note relayed by the website Bleeping Computer also showed that the hackers were asking Equinix to pay a ransom of 455 Bitcoins, the equivalent of $4.5 million. A colossal sum for ordinary mortals. At present, it is still unknown whether Equinix chose to pay the ransom, but it must be noted that to date, no leak of this data has visibly taken place.

Equinix forced to pay $4.5 million ransom

Equinix, however, confirmed that this had no impact on their customers and that the only systems affected by this attack were their own internal data.

The Equinix data centers in fact remained operational and were clearly not impacted by this ransomware.. Good news for the company and its customers because the opposite would undoubtedly have pushed its customers to opt for a new service provider.

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For those who do not yet know Equinix, it is the world leader in the data center market. Based in California and more precisely, in Redwood City, Equinix has more than 200 data centers in 55 countries around the world. The firm’s reputation gives it a certain success, particularly with large clients like Spotify and Netflix.

Despite everything, this attack proves that no one is safe from a ransomware attack, not even a leader like Equinix, yet at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to IT security. Also note that the firm is not the first supplier of this type to have been the target of such an attack.

Also called “ransomware” In French-speaking countries, this type of attack generally targets individuals but recently, hackers have sensed the right opportunity and are trying to exploit large IT companies and in particular Data Centers which are proving to be a prime target. As such, CyrusOne, a pioneer in the field of Cloud Computing, recently fell victim to an attack of the same type. Also among the victims of ransomware attacks are the University of California San Francisco and even the Texas justice system.

To protect yourself from Ransomware, there is no miracle recipe. First of all it is imperative not to open questionable attachments or those coming from unverified contacts. Also, remember to make regular backups of your sensitive data; the idea of ​​investing in a NAS or taking advantage of an encrypted remote backup is also a very good solution in preventing this type of attack.