ET Guerres des étoiles

ET exists in the Star Wars galaxy because of a promise George Lucas made to Steven Spielberg

It’s 1999, you enter the movie theater to see the return of Star Wars on the big screen and you find out for a moment that ET is in the middle of the Galactic Senate. The Phantom Menace presented a very different galaxy than the original trilogy, but no one could have expected the appearance of the curious alien created by Steven Spielberg.

But how was such a crossover possible? It all started with the premiere of ET, the Extra-Terrestrial in 1982, because in this film we were able to see a nice joke referring to Star Wars . A boy is dressed as Yoda for Halloween and the being from space tries to approach him by saying “home”. It was with this detail in mind that George Lucas made a promise to Spielberg.

And in the next film he will direct for the famous galactic saga, he will include an appearance by ET himself, which is why creatures like him seem to deliberate with the senators of the rest of the planets. In fact, the name Asogianos was given to the race and the representative of his native homeland, Brodo Asogi, was called Senator Grebleips.

If we change the position of the letters, we will actually see that this is another easter egg towards Spielberg. What is certain is that The appearances of the Asogians in the plot of the Legends have been rather rare. , but one of the most interesting is that they tried to promote an expedition outside the galaxy before the Clone Wars broke out. Perhaps one of these explorers is the one who got lost on Earth.

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