Toutes les missions de Helldivers 2 sont absurdement épiques et cette anthologie de moments en est la preuve irréfutable

Every mission in Helldivers 2 is absurdly epic and this anthology of moments is irrefutable proof

The first few hours of Helldivers 2 are a spectacle like no other, especially if you haven’t seen live action or videos on social media. I remember one of my first thoughts revolved around how long it would take me to become immune to their crazy, unbridled Hollywood action.

I admit that this matter worried me. Losing the ability to panic Helldiverse 2 That would be like stopping doing it with movies like John Wick, Tyler Rake, Bullet Train, Murder Raid and others like that. For me, that would be catastrophic. That time will come, like everything in life, but it certainly doesn’t seem like it’s anytime soon…at least, it hasn’t in almost the 100 hours I’ve democratized.

Each game of Helldiverse 2 It’s absurdly epic. Not all to the same extent, obviously, but I very rarely finish a game without a scene worthy of a highlights compilation. I’ve already told you some suicidal adventures, so this time it will be an anthology, something like the episodes of Rick and Morty which show extracts from other abandoned episodes.

Anthology Crazy Helldiverse 2

The damn Second World War . This is by far my favorite moment so far in Helldivers 2. It was the day after the introduction of the Planetary Perils. My companions called for extraction and I was still far away, surrounded by Terminides and with the resistance bar in red.

I saw a blue glow in the sky as I entered the last 100 meters. Meteorites started to fall (Planetary Danger). Their on-impact explosions were combined with airstrikes and impacts from my Autocannon. I went into a hybrid state between panic and frenzy, there were one or two explosions per second near me. I was convinced I wouldn’t make it…but I kept moving forward without dying.

I remember the Battlefield 1 games Advance and Assault. I had to drop to the ground several times to avoid the impact of the meteorites. I managed to reach extraction and requested supplies to resist the enemy attack. A colleague was next to me. Suddenly, a projectile blew up my companion and I could only look at him like a fool. How was it possible that he wasn’t dead yet? I don’t know how, but I managed to extract it without dying. It was a real surge of emotion that even made me raise my voice several times.

Aggressive democratization . That day, I was tired and fed up with playing. Those damn hunting insects (the ones that fly and whip) managed to make me angry. Plus, I wasn’t with the smarter Helldivers. We managed to request the pull and bugs started appearing without any control. At this very moment, the streamer in the background said something like “if you’re going with ammo, you’re doing it wrong.” And I thought, “Good.

I took out my Autocannon and fired like crazy at an area where there were two bug spawn points. I pulled the trigger like the ammo was free. So many explosions accumulated in one place that a huge cloud of dust rose up. The insects couldn’t even get out. The only moment of respite they had was when he reloaded the weapon. I boarded the ship without ammunition or anger. Helldivers 2 Style Therapy!

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Laughter and screams of a psychopath . Did I mention that the highlights are wonderful? The second time I flew one was during an extraction. It was fun to slaughter small groups of enemies with the mini-gun, but the game started to go too far in dispatching larger creatures. My teammates’ flank was hell, so I stopped to say hello.

Following the philosophy of not running out of ammo, I aimed at the mass of insects and pulled the trigger on the weapons like there was no tomorrow. The Gatling gun spat out more than 700 rounds in the next minute and the 12 rockets it had exhausted much sooner.

We cleared all the bugs in seconds, but a Slayer attacked us from behind. I stood in the robot’s path so that it wouldn’t crush my companions and I literally put the 260 Gatling bullets that I had left from the previous escabechina into its mouth. I didn’t kill him, but I managed to hold him off long enough for my companions to board the ship and I narrowly escaped after abandoning the mech. Pure Pacific!

Purifying fire . Two weeks ago, Arrowhead came up with the idea of ​​increasing the damage of the flamethrower. If I remember correctly, the fire damage was 50% more. I hadn’t tried it because I was happy with my Autocannon, but the damage increase was significant enough to try it… And I discovered a marvel! The ultimate pest control cleaner.

As usual, I separated from the group to clear the secondary areas alone and thus clear the map more quickly. Things got very complicated for me when I came to a huge nest of insects. There were at least five nests. I followed my modus operandi for these cases: I fired up the orbital laser and waited for it to work its magic. As a rule, it destroys all the nests. This time it wasn’t like that.

There were three left to destroy, enough for dozens of bugs to gather on the screen. I destroyed them with two grenades and an orbital strike, but the party was already set. I took out my flamethrower and started burning fuel like they were giving it away at the kiosks. Usually I prepare myself to die, but this time I wasn’t ready to fall. But I fell… I was too excited and went straight, so I got burned. My stupidity ruined a glorious feat with the flamethrower. Try it because it’s glory!