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everything about The War Within and the upcoming expansions for the 20th anniversary of the MMORPG

BlizzCon 2023 returned in style with Blizzard’s first in-person event since 2019. An opportunity that the company wanted to take advantage of to celebrate in style with a good batch of very interesting announcements, particularly related to World of Warcraft, since the popular MMORPG has been the main protagonist due to the number of new features it will receive over the next few years.

More than anything because in 2024 it will take place the 20th anniversary of the game , an event so special that it will serve to host one of the best additions to have happened there in the last two decades. This will be led by what will be called the saga of the soul of the world an adventure that will delve into the history of Azeroth through a total of three interconnected expansions and which will be released little by little.

For now, the first of these will arrive next year and will take place approximately The internal war , the tenth expansion to date and on which a large number of details have been revealed. For this reason, we are going to tell you everything you can expect from it and in the following chapters which will take over in the future.

The Journey to the Heart of Azeroth

The presentation cinematic of this future expansion already reveals some glimpses of what is to come. Thrall has had a vision in which the heart of the world calls to him, as does Anduin, which will lead the Alliance and Horde to investigate its origin from the sword that Sargeras plunged into Azeroth at the end of the World of War expansion. Warcraft: Legion.

At the same time Xal’atath is back Intent on fostering a new dark legacy, he allied himself with the Nerubians of Azj-Kahet and recruited their queen, Ansurek, with the promise of giving them a new future and returning their kingdom more powerful than ever. Therefore, they will all be the main enemies that the warriors of both factions will face against.

Among the main characters on the hero side who have been confirmed to have a pivotal role in the plot are the following:

  • Andrew Wrynn : Your goal will be to resolve your relationship with the Holy Light after feeling unworthy.
  • Servitude : He will seek an explanation for the visions he has and will in turn try to find a new home for the Horde.
  • Magni Bronzebeard – You will face a heavy burden as President of Azeroth.
  • Alleria Brisaveloz : Sylvanas’ sister will join the heroes as a Void Hunter and ready to use all her abilities to destroy Xal’atath, which promises to lead to an epic showdown between the two.

Allies and enemies of Khaz Algar

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Building on everything previously mentioned, the entire expansion will take place in Khaz Algar, a long-forgotten underground continent. It’s here where the earthlings live who were forged by the titans of Ulduar and beyond, but remained isolated for so long that they developed their own customs and now follow their own philosophy by not uniting with them.

This whole situation has caused them to split into three different groups, which will cause the Alliance and Horde to find a way to bring them together again and make them a united front again so they don’t stay so weakened. In this sense, Earthlings will become a new allied race which can be played in both factions, which can play any class except Druid, Demon Hunter and Evoker.

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It must be recognized that the Earthlings will maintain a very similar appearance to the Dwarves, but they will differ by the fact that they will be 25% taller, as well as by the precious stones they will have set in their body, their beard, their hair color. skin, etc.

Another group that will also be present in this area is the Arathi , descendants of the original Arathor Empire and a people who master the Holy Fire. All of them are ready to bring light to the darkness and are undoubtedly very skilled soldiers with abilities very similar to those of the paladins, but the incessant attacks of the Nerubian army endanger their presence in this place.

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Having said this, the nerubians They are the most important enemies of Khaz Algar and have nothing to do with those who were part of the Lich King’s ranks. In fact, their war against the Arathi has strengthened them to the point of becoming an implacable and most terrifying threat, to which is added the alchemical process to which they have been subjected thanks to Xal’atath which has given them even greater strength.

The areas and dungeons of Khaz Algar

The underground continent of Khaz Algar will be divided into a total of four different zones in which it will not appear underground due to the light source that the crystals in this location will provide. They will all be as follows:

  • The Isle of Dorn – A place located on the surface of Khaz Algar and where Earthlings live. It is characterized by its bright colors that make you feel like you are in a paradise due to its abundant flora and water sources everywhere.
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  • The echoing caves – The first layer beneath the island is where Earthlings work with colossal machines, foundries, and lava forges.
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  • Sanctification : a gigantic area surrounded by an underground sea and in which there are ships that use sacred fire to travel to the highlands, but the light of the crystals will be activated randomly sometimes causing light or darkness, which leads to the arrival of dangerous creatures. enlighten.
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  • Azj-Kahet : the deepest layer of the continent and where the Nerubians live mainly under the orders of their queen.
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Regarding dungeons that can be visited , there will be a total of four that will be unlocked as you progress: The Farmer, The Petrochamber, the Priory of the Sacred Flame and the Woven City. Alongside these, there will be four others that will only be available to those who reach max level: Ashgubble Winery, Darkflame Rift, The Cloudbreaker, and Ancient City.

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It has even been announced what will be the first raid that very large groups of players will be able to face and it will be the Nerub’ar Palace , consisting of a total of eight final bosses and located throughout central Azj-Kahet. This will be a key plot point as it will mark the end of the story of the relationship between the Nerubian Empire and Xal’atath.

All the new gameplay features

The story, the characters and the areas to visit will not be the only new things that those who acquire The internal war . There will also be new ways to boost characters, activities to do and much more:


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This functionality is intended accompany the Dragontina expedition in the search for treasures which are hidden throughout Khaz Algar. These are tasks similar to the world missions which will be divided into 12 different ones and can be completed alone or in groups of up to five people, to which an additional character controlled by artificial intelligence can also be added, such as Brann Bronzebeard.

Each adventure, lasting between 10 and 15 minutes, will end with the location of a great treasure which will be used to obtain very interesting rewards and exclusive content for each season.

Heroic talents

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Different character classes will continue to have their own talent trees with their unique abilities. However, depending on who is chosen, they will be divided into two branches of heroic talents, thus increasing the ways to customize each character with more devastating capabilities.

Exactly ten talent points can be distributed, one for each level that will be raised in the expansion, and each of them can be distributed or modified in a very simple way like in the existing talent trees.

Bands of warriors

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This new system so demanded by the community will be dedicated to unify all characters on a account into the same party . Achievements and resources will be shared between everyone, as well as items thanks to a very practical bank linked to everyone’s personal account.

This also applies to transmog so any item transmog can be added, regardless of the class being played at the time. This will also affect your reputation so you no longer have to curry favor with other factions with alternate characters. And this same case will also apply with flight paths so that all characters can access them without having to rediscover them.

More notable news

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The new maximum level that can be reached will be 80 and as this process unfolds You can fly over the area with dynamic flight which was introduced in the current Dragonflight expansion. However, some abilities will be tied to this expansion and cannot be used in the new areas of Khaz Algar, although the most basic abilities will not be affected.

PvP fans will be able to gather in the Resonant Caverns to participate in a new 10v10 map. This will be a battlefield that has similarities to the mines of Lonjaplata and in which the objective will be to capture the minecarts which are there. and also control a central node that must be avoided at all costs from falling into the hands of the opposing faction.

The interface will also look slightly renewed To make the spellbook bigger and more refined, the quest list has more filters, icons are even clearer and other improvements to make things even simpler for players.

The following extensions

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Although it will probably take at least another two or three years before we see the next expansion after The internal war Blizzard did not want to wait until then and has already revealed which two others will be part of the World-Soul Saga:

  • World of Warcraft: Midnight : This second expansion will take the action to a very familiar location, like Quel’thalas. Indeed, players must return to the old world to face the Void by joining forces with the Army of Light and thus put an end to this terrible threat once and for all.
  • World of Warcraft: The Last Titan : With this third and final expansion of the saga to come, it will also be time to travel to the past, because the events will take place in Northrend, where the return of the Titans to Azeroth will be experienced in Ulduar. This will be done through a plot that will present a grand conspiracy around the Titans and the true nature of Azeroth.

Editions to reserve

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World of Warcraft: The War Within There isn’t even a release date and the expansion can now be pre-ordered via the store. At least what we are sure of is that it will be next year and it is expected that a preview can be tested in the spring thanks to its alpha. Regarding content of editions will be the following:


Basic edition (49.99 euros)

Heroic Edition (69.99 euros)

Epic Edition (89.99 euros)

Available from launch




World of Warcraft: Flight of the Dragon




Character improvement up to level 70




Merchant Coupons




Algar Storm Rider Mount



Storm Rider Transmog Set



Access to The War Within beta


Three days of early access to The War Within


30 days of free play


Stormbringer Pet, Stormspawn


Storm Griffon Swing Toy


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