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Facebook Ads: how to exploit the new advertising features of the platform?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms across the world and today it has become an essential tool for businesses, allowing them to connect with potential customers.
If a significant portion of your market is online, it’s essential to look into creating Facebook advertising campaigns, known as Facebook Ads.

In this article, learn how creating Facebook ads works.

Why advertise on Facebook?

Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms in the world, providing access to over 2 billion active users.

Facebook Ads offer enormous potential to reach your target audience in a precise and relevant way. However, effectively managing a Facebook ad campaign requires deep expertise in best practices, advanced analytics tools, and a thorough understanding of the platform. If you choose a Facebook Ads agency, you can maximize your presence on Facebook and obtain convincing results with your advertisements.

Here are the 5 main advantages that Facebook Ads can provide to your marketing strategy and your business:

Good analytical skills

Facebook ads can give you solid analytics about your target audience that you won’t find anywhere else. This means your ads and marketing strategy don’t need to be built on assumptions. By analyzing the metrics offered by the social network, you are able to make the right decisions for setting up your Facebook Ads campaigns.

Target a wide audience

Facebook has the ability to reach a large number of monthly active users. Indeed, with more than 2.8 billion users worldwide, the platform offers considerable reach for advertisers.

Facebook’s large audience has several advantages. First of all, it allows you to reach a wide range of people, regardless of their age, gender, geographic location or interests. This can be beneficial for businesses looking to increase brand awareness or promote products or services that appeal to a general audience.

Additionally, the diversity of Facebook’s audience means it’s possible to reach different demographics and specific interests.

This way, you can test different advertising strategies and messages to see what works best. You are able to segment your audience into several groups and tailor your advertisements accordingly. This allows you to gather data and insights on consumer preferences and better understand how to effectively reach different segments of your audience.

Various advertising formats

One of the advantages of advertising on Facebook is the diversity of advertising formats offered. Here are some of the commonly used ad formats on the platform:

  • Text ads, which are simple ads consisting of a title, description and link. They are ideal for presenting special offers, promotions or clear and concise calls to action;
  • Single image ads are very common on Facebook. They allow advertisers to capture users’ attention with an attractive image and accompany it with explanatory text or a call to action;
  • Video ads are increasingly popular and allow you to tell a story, demonstrate the use of a product or share engaging content. Videos can be short (a few seconds) or longer, depending on your goals;
  • Slideshows are advertisements that combine multiple images or visuals to create a dynamic visual narrative;
  • Carousel ads allow you to showcase multiple images or products in a single format. Users can scroll through images horizontally and click on the ones they are interested in to learn more;
  • Also known as “Facebook Canvas,” Instant Ads provide an immersive advertising experience. They allow you to combine images, videos, text and links into a side-scrolling experience.
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What goals can Facebook ads achieve?

Brand awareness

In today’s competitive world, it is essential for businesses to stand out and increase brand awareness. Facebook ads provide a valuable opportunity to achieve this goal by exposing your brand to a wide audience.

With billions of monthly active users, Facebook is the ideal platform to increase visibility for your business, products or services. By showing your ads to a large group of people, you have the opportunity to expand your reach and reach a considerable number of users. The more exposure your brand has, the more likely you are to be recognized and remembered by consumers.

Brand consistency is essential to building awareness of your business. On Facebook, you can present your brand consistently by using visuals, colors, fonts, and messaging that reflect your visual identity and brand personality. This visual and messaging consistency builds recognition and association of your brand in the minds of users.

Facebook ads also provide an opportunity to tell a story and create an emotional connection with your audience. By using videos, attractive images, and captivating messages, you can generate user interest and engagement. When your content is memorable and shared, it helps build brand awareness and generate positive word of mouth.

Lead generation

In the world of marketing, lead generation is an essential goal for businesses. Facebook ads offer a powerful solution for attracting and collecting qualified leads.

online lead generation

To grab users’ attention and encourage them to share their contact information, you can offer special offers, free downloads, contests, or registration forms. These incentives help generate interest and encourage users to engage with your brand.

Facebook Ads also offer features like integrated lead generation forms. These pre-filled forms allow users to quickly submit their information without having to leave the platform. This facilitates the conversion process and increases the participation rate.

Product sales

Facebook ads provide a powerful platform to promote and sell your products. Whether you’re an e-commerce business or simply want to increase your online sales, Facebook can help you achieve your goals.

By using clear, incentivized calls to action, you can encourage users to take action and make a purchase. Purchase buttons, such as “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart,” make the purchasing process easier for users, taking them directly to your website or online store.