Les Quatre Fantastiques s'inspireront de l'une des séries comiques les plus drôles de ces dernières années, selon son réalisateur

Fantastic Four will be inspired by one of the funniest comedy series of recent years, according to its director

Despite the delays, Fantastic Four It is one of the most anticipated Marvel films of the coming years, with other megatons like Deadpool 3 or Blade. The First Family hopes to be one of the great pillars of the UCM after The Avengers, and to achieve this, there will be a group of colleagues who will serve as a reference for this group of transferees.

In an interview with ComicBook, the film’s director, Matt Shakman, explained that the main influence that Marvel’s most important film will have in the years to come will be nothing more and nothing less than Hanged in Philadelphia one of the funniest comedy series in recent years.

“I’ve learned a lot working at Colgados in Philadelphia over the years. These guys bring a unique combination of joy and precision, and I think you have to have both in everything you do. You have to remain a child in the sandbox while playing and inventing, but you also have to be rigorous in what you do, and comedy is even more rigorous than anything else. The precision to do something funny is often much more. difficult than doing something really complicated with special effects. So play and precision.”

Although it is likely that Fantastic Four includes some characters that we found in the series starring Danny DeVito, Charlie Day (who also starred as Luigi’s voice in the Super Mario movie) and his company, because they were much more focused on the gene that was recorded. in the movie.

The director also evokes the magic of improvisation during filming. Many of the great moments of Hanged in Philadelphia appeared this way and, in turn, to the creativity of the actors and writers when it comes to creating crazy but effective moments for the audience without forgetting the universe in which they find themselves. Fantastic Four Its premiere is scheduled for May 2, 2025.

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