Are Audinate (ASX:AD8) shares a good investment?

photo de la bourse et des investissements

The Audinate Group Ltd (ASX:AD8) share price has been an exciting name to follow in the ASX technology space for some time. Given the uncertainty of the future, is Audinate stock a profitable buy at current levels? What does Audinate do? Audinate is an Australian provider of professional digital audio networking technologies. Its flagship platform is called Dante, which allows

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What are the benefits of using an online loan comparator?

comparateur de pret

Nowadays, committing to a loan such as a home loan requires comparing offers. What will your monthly payments be, what are the rates charged by the banks at the moment “T” and what amount is a bank ready to grant me? These are all questions to which an online loan comparator is able to provide clear and precise answers. Encourage

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Sports betting: Do you have to declare your winnings?

illustration de paris sportifs

Avid sports betting enthusiast or possibly interested? It is true that during this period of confinement, more and more people are interested in online games of chance and betting. One thing is certain, luck can quickly change and a question arises in the event of winning money: should you declare your sports betting winnings to the French administration? Can everyone

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Free Trading Signals: What are the Best Online Platforms?

photo logiciel signaux trading gratuits

The growing interest of the general public in cryptocurrency and online trading is in full swing and this opens up numerous opportunities for not only online trading platforms but also for budding investors who see it as a real financial opportunity. In this area where numbers often weigh more than reason itself, it is still possible to start while remaining

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How to properly invest your money under 40?

luustration montrant l'investissement immobilier

Investing your money is not reserved for those aged forty and over, in fact, when you are young and active, knowing how to invest your money provides additional security in view of the many changes taking place in our current economy. Investing in real estate: really a good idea or not? Investing in real estate rather than in the field

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The best stock market software

meilleur logiciel de bourse

Stock market software abounds on the market. However, identifying the one that best meets your needs and especially your trading habits is not an easy task. To save you from wasting time searching for the best stock market software, we looked into the matter. Here is the information you need to know to make the right choice. What is stock

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Castorus: the solution to stay on the lookout for the best real estate offers

Many seasoned investors will tell you: choosing the right time is crucial to acquiring real estate at a lower cost. However, if ordinary individuals could not monitor the evolution of the price of a property before, this is no longer the case today. Castorus, an ingenious extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers, allows you to closely monitor ads published on

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What is leverage? Information you need to know

illustration effet de levier

Do you want to get started in trading? This is an area that is increasingly popular with individuals. With the expansion of information and communication technologies, trading is becoming more and more democratized. But in order to ensure success in the field, it is advisable to know some concepts and some specific expressions of trading such as leverage. What is

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Are there techniques for winning at roulette?

roulette casino

Roulette is one of the most popular games both in land-based casinos and specialized platforms. If it is so popular, it is because it provides a real adrenaline rush for players. Despite the thrills you may feel, be aware that this game can quickly cause you to lose money if you don’t stay on your guard. For those who absolutely

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ADA: know everything about Cardano, a cryptocurrency with a promising future

ada cardano

The result of two years of development, Cardano is among the top 5 most promising cryptocurrencies. For some specialists, the ADA will revolutionize the world of Internet currencies. Find out everything about the future competitor to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cardano (ADA), an alternative payment method It took two years of hard work for Charles Hoskinson to lay the foundations for

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Investing in the commodities market: an opportunity for investors to seize?

trading cfd

Stock market speculation has become much more accessible in just a few years thanks to the appearance of a host of brokerage companies. These brokers do everything they can to ensure that everyone can access a wide variety of assets and derivative products. However, despite all the options available to them, few individuals invest in commodities. How to explain this?

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Is currency risk necessarily necessary to be managed?

risque de change

Opening up to the international market is the dream of many business leaders. However, venturing into unknown territory always exposes entrepreneurs to countless dangers. For example, exchange rate fluctuations can seriously affect company margins. These hazards linked to the global money market are commonly known as currency risk. But do we absolutely have to protect ourselves against it? This is

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The SCPI: a good investment for young professionals

investir dans une scpi

Today, more and more young workers are wondering how to invest money to secure their future. However, today, investments in SCPIs offer a fairly interesting compromise for obtaining additional income, while having the possibility of optimizing taxes. Real estate investments have the reputation of being more stable than financial investments even if they generally yield less. In this article, we

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