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Football and new technologies: all means are good to stay at the top of the bill

If football has always been the sport most viewed by the French, clubs remain on the lookout for all means to get people talking about them and gain visibility.

Here are some of the most innovative initiatives in recent years taken by different clubs to stand out. Between augmented reality, metaverse and advertising, nothing is left to chance.


It is well known that PSG is the club most followed by the French streaming as confirmed by ExpressVPN. It enjoyed a meteoric rise after a significant investment from a Qatar-based company in 2011 and rose ahead of Olympique de Marseille and LOSC. This celebrity and his investors therefore offer him many possibilities, which pushed the club to launch its own application called FANSPARC.

If it allows you to follow the team’s scores and rankings or even its statistics, the app also allows supporters to participate in competitions, create their personalized avatar and learn the anthems of the Parisian club.

She has also been a pioneer in the field of augmented reality. FANSPARC allows supporters to visit the stadium from their living room through eleven points of view in a truer-than-life experience.

Manchester City and the metaverse

If a few years ago augmented reality was the big news in the technological field, today it has become more widespread and has given way to even more surprising innovations.

Manchester City therefore jumped at the opportunity to become a precursor in the metaverse.

The English club has builds its stadium in this new dimension with the help of Sony to allow its fans to watch matches from their living room with the feeling of being with their team in the stadium.

If for the moment, it is the only club to have thought about it, it will probably be joined by a large number of its opponents in the future.


What about NFTs?

In addition to the metaverse, NFTs have been all the rage for a little over a year in all areas. It is therefore no surprise that several European clubs have decided to try it.

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AC Milan signs partnership with Sorare, a game using blockchain technology based on Ethereum. This initiative aims to give visibility to the club in this area but also to further involve its fans. Indeed, by offering them the possibility of purchasing an NFT in their image, AC Milan hopes to allow them to feel even closer to the players.

The Italian club is not the only one to have taken the plunge: fans of Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​PSG, Birmingham and Juventus will also be able to find non-fungible tokens in the colors of their favorite team.

You will have understood, football clubs never stop surfing on new products and sharing them with their supporters. In fact, a few years ago, it was sometimes impossible for them to watch certain matches or interact remotely with their club.

These inventions broaden the field of possibilities in the field of football which is already constantly evolving. In recent years, new technologies have also been used to make football more equitable. Examples include video refereeing introduced in December 2016 or electronic chips placed in balls to check goals. And that’s not all, as a semi-automatic offside checking technique is being tested. It is made possible by artificial intelligence which informs video assistants of the possible illicit position of the attacker(s).