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Football streaming: what are the best sites to watch matches?

The king of sports, football brings together millions of fans in front of the screen. In addition to television, streaming is one of the popular consumption modes for this popular entertainment. The next addresses offer you the opportunity to experience meetings of all levels live. These are paid channels, but also free viewing sites. You choose.

Football on video-on-demand platforms

Video on demand (SVOD) platforms offer you the opportunity to experience meetings completely legally. These sites pay the broadcasting right. Their customers in turn must pay a monthly subscription to be able to watch the various sporting events covered. In addition to football, other disciplines are suggested to you. Concretely, you should subscribe to offers from providers such as Canal+ or RMC Sport.

Amazon Prime Video is also a possibility for those who want to experience the euphoria of the stadiums. Like its French competitors, this American platform covers various types of sporting events. You will follow European competitions with appreciable image quality. There are also South American and African football events. In any case, you will have to pay a monthly subscription. Each SVOD site will cost you around ten euros. This is the price of legality.

Free streaming mode, but completely legally

Those who wish to remain legal without paying will be able to watch football on the sites of free public channels. So you can check if TF1 or France Télévision has acquired the broadcast rights to a match that interests you. If yes, all you have to do is go to their web portals. This solution requires nothing other than the cost of the Internet connection. On the other hand, be aware that the channel in question will make the program profitable through advertisements.

Streaming on French general television channels remains particularly interesting during events such as the World Cup. The next edition will soon take place in Qatar. You can also enjoy the best moments of the Champions League on M6 or MyTF1. This is also the case for the Olympic Games. Think of Canal+ which broadcasts the matches in parallel with W9.

Tips for watching matches for free from the Internet

Before giving the name of the streaming sites violating image rights, it would be convenient to warn you about the risks of such a practice. This is an illegal activity for broadcasters and viewers. Moreover, Internet service providers systematically block platforms that do not comply with French regulations. A VPN or virtual private network service allows you to bypass this measure. By subscribing to offers from specialists such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost or SurfShark, you have peace of mind.

Watch football streaming for free can be done from your mobile phone, computer or Smart TV. In any case, you will need a good 4G Internet connection or an excellent Wifi signal for the images to remain of decent quality. You can use your browser or a dedicated mobile application. Yet another method is to watch meetings live from social media. Some Facebook pages and Twitch accounts stream them live. Take the opportunity to comment on the match and chat with other members of the community.

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Foot Live and Live TV, two essential addresses

As its name clearly indicates, Foot Live focuses on football. That said, diversification is also there with the American NBA basketball competition and rugby matches. The image resolution is acceptable for a free streaming site. However, be prepared to see a lot of advertisements. Please note: you will not be able to activate the ad blocker. This cuts off your access to

Live TV is recognizable by its slightly outdated interface. Despite its design which has aged poorly, offers quality images worthy of paid platforms. You can watch the games as if you were sitting in the stands. To complete the offer, you are entitled to the programs and scores of the different matches. The platform even gives a social dimension to streaming thanks to the supporters channel. Then there is Replay mode for latecomers.

To experience all football events in French

Currently accessible from, Streamons Sports is a reference for sporting events with commentary in French. This site offers to experience international events such as the English Premier League. Another essential address, no longer needs to be introduced to football lovers. You can follow the matches on your Smartphone, tablet or connected television. The chat even allows you to express your opinion.

Sport Lemon has the merit of having an excellent reputation among Internet users. Many streaming football fans know it. That said, other disciplines are also offered to visitors. UHD images and high-fidelity audio immerse you in the stadium atmosphere. Special feature: you have several commentary languages ​​to choose from on

If foreign language streaming sites tempt you

The best of Latin football can be followed on Roja Directa ( Still, expect to enjoy commentary in Spanish. The site is published from the Iberian Peninsula, but the presenters can also speak Italian, Catalan or English. Either way, the catalog of matches is worth introducing yourself to foreign languages.

CricHD is a platform entirely in English, but the videos are very fluid. Additionally, the site does not flood you with advertisements. To vary the pleasures, its editors suggest you watch tennis, cricket or even billiards competitions. So, if sporting events in the language of Shakespeare don’t scare you, remember the address

Our opinion on the best football streaming site

For now, LiveTV has the merit of offering images of exceptional clarity. This is the right address to watch matches in Full High Definition. Its adblock functionality effectively blocks unwanted advertisements. It will even be possible to experience the sporting event in 4K. Foot Live and its simplified interface as much as possible is essential if it comes to accessibility. Finally, other platforms exist apart from those cited in this article. These include Premier League Live, First Row. In the ranks of streaming applications, you have Mobdr.