Fourtoutici: download your books for free using this unique site

Do you have a good e-reader, but are you missing the books that go with it? Fourtoutici may be the solution you need. Completely free, this library of thousands of digital works is just a click away. Be careful, “to try it is to adopt it”.

Find what you need on Fourtoutici

Accessible from the URL, Fourtourici is a content sharing site. Operating as a social network, the platform focuses on the exchange of electronic books, digitized comics and PDF files of all kinds. The web portal interface is very simple. In fact, you will find everything you need on a single page with a basic design. This simplicity allows the site to adapt to any medium, particularly connected devices such as the No Product Found e-reader.

As its name suggests, Fourtoutici is a place where members of the community meet. Some are looking for books or PDFs. Others provide them for free. So, whatever your tastes, this virtual library is at your fingertips 24/7. Regardless of the capacity of your e-reader’s internal memory, you will have all the books you are missing when you need them.

Take advantage of a site with richly varied content

The Fouretoutici site represents more than a garage sale. From digitized newspapers to mangas in digital format, including novels dedicated to the e-reader and technical works, this platform really touches all genres. Like in a book club, but to the power of 100, you will keep up to date with bestsellers and discoveries to make. There are also the great literary classics as well as newspaper extracts. You will find articles from Le Monde, La Dépêche du Midi and numerous written presses.

Magazine lovers are also served. Science et Vie, Turbo and other publications are at their disposal. DIY, cooking, pets and fashion, everything can be found on Fourtoutici, just ask. The search can also be done by author. You will just have to say the name of Blacksad, Sambre or Jeremiah and their books will be presented to you. This site has an international scope. As long as the legislation of the country of the sharing member does not oppose it, there will be no problem for those who receive it in a private setting.

Try to find the book you need

Whether you use an e-reader, a tablet or a PC, the files on Fourtoutici are intended for you. The content is available in different formats so you can find the presentation you need. They are in ebook, epub, pdf or Word. .txt extensions,. rar,. zip,. iso,. pps,. nds,. dmg,. cso, apk. ipa are also at your disposal. The size generally remains less than 110 MB to avoid spending hours waiting for a download.

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Among the works currently available for direct download, there are:

  • Radclyffe – Love and Honor
  • Tristan Egolf —The Lord of the Pigsties
  • Manfred Kahn —The Hall of Cowards
  • Anne Akrich —Beware of naked men
  • Marin Ledun — With a hot iron
  • Esther’s notebooks 4
  • Sea Fishing Special Edition N25

Download your book in 2 steps 3 movements

There are 3 ways to upload your book to Fourtoutici.

  • The first is to directly select the content that interests you from the long list. The latter is a table with three columns including the title with the author, the file size and the date with the exact time of posting online. You have a window for recent uploads and another for archives dating back a few days to several years. Just scroll down and hit Download.
  • The second technique is to use the search engine. You have the choice between the title or the author. In both cases, you will just enter the keyword and the technology will take care of the rest. The request is made on the archive header. Specify the date.
  • The last but not least method is to kindly ask members if they have a particular book. You will have to enter a nickname before participating in the old-fashioned forum. Browse the topics, there are some interesting themes.

The question of copyright and copying for personal use

In France, the legal framework concerning books is quite clear. Most of the content shared on Fourtoutici from France therefore constitutes an unauthorized copy. That said, the application of copyright still leaves a small margin. In any case, tell yourself that the site administrator and its host are not directly responsible for an act of piracy of a work protected by intellectual property.

The exchange takes place between Internet users. It is often done free of charge and contributes to the notoriety of the author concerned. French jurisprudence could consider this as a book loan between individuals. Either way, you should make sure the source is reliable. It would be better to receive a file without a Trojan horse virus. The editor of Fourtoutici provides no guarantee on this subject.

Our latest tips for making the most of it

Once again, remember the address Also note that the service is free and does not require any compensation. On the other hand, you may see a few advertisements when hovering over the site or starting the download. It is in your interest to protect yourself in the best possible way. Start by subscribing to a VPN service like Cyberghost if possible. This service provider guarantees your anonymity. Consider proxying or a DNS change. However, it would be more complete with an antivirus. Good reading.