alternative gratuite au tableur excel

Free spreadsheet: alternatives to Microsoft Excel in 2022

The good reputation of MS Excel is well established. Its spreadsheets offer endless possibilities for individuals and professionals alike. However, it is paid software which lacks a little connectivity. In the era of collaborative applications, there are many tools that can replace the Microsoft spreadsheet. The best of them are completely free and work on any device, even a basic Smartphone. Let’s take a look at the spreadsheets that will free you from Windows.

Google sheets, collaborative spreadsheets


The publisher of the Android operating system has created a spreadsheet suitable for all fixed or mobile devices connected to the Internet. Google Sheets meets the needs of businesses or individuals who must continue to work without a computer. The application includes the main characteristics of Excel with the possibility of integrating formulas. That said, it especially has the advantage of being collaborative. Files in the cloud are viewable and editable by other users.

Google Sheets works with artificial intelligence. Its interface has been simplified as much as possible so that handling remains intuitive. The publisher advocates pragmatism to the detriment of power. The data is directly saved in the cloud. This reduces the risk of loss, but also makes sharing easier. In fact, each user just needs to have a Gmail account to access collaborative spreadsheets. It is always possible to transpose the cells on a classic Excel workbook.

WPS Spreadsheets, a completely free simplified spreadsheet


The effectiveness of the WPS Office suite no longer needs to be presented to mobile users. This pack includes a spreadsheet called Spreadsheets. This program works on Smartphones and computers. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android without forgetting Linux. The user has the choice between installing the application on their device or direct online access. In both cases, it has a whole range of features that are easy to understand.

Those who are beginners in spreadsheets can easily get started with WPS Spreadsheets. The latter is also capable of carrying out more complex tasks. The proof: professionals use it to analyze cluster data without much difficulty. Alternative work tools to Excel often offer this simplicity that Windows software lacks.

Spread32, the 100% Smartphone application

Rather basic, Spread32 is aimed at Smartphone users. The application offers no less than 300 distinct functions. In addition to formulas of all kinds, sorting tools are also part of the available commands. Like most of its peers, this spreadsheet designed especially for mobiles is limited to 256 columns. No one needs that many cells for everyday use, even on a computer.

Each box in this spreadsheet can include figures, text or more or less complex formulas. It is also possible to create macros and draw on Spread32. This tool allows you to easily generate graphics. That said, the real advantage of this program would be its availability in a free version. It can be downloaded from official platforms, but also from partner sites of the publisher.

Zoho Sheet, a spreadsheet dedicated to performance


Cloud-based, the Zoho sheets alternative spreadsheet combines productivity with mobility. It is accessible from a Smartphone, an iPad or a computer connected to the Internet. They use the standard functionalities of spreadsheets. The icing on the cake is that this working tool locks the cells. It is this detail that motivates companies to adopt Zoho sheets. Files deployed in the Cloud are much less exposed to prying eyes and hackers.

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Zoho Sheet is advanced management software with 350 features to choose from. The application is used by many companies to organize, protect and share data in the form of spreadsheets. Which makes it a multi-axis spreadsheet that is both unstructured and collaborative. It is compatible with Microsoft Excel, but also with Cloud platforms such as Google Drive or One box.

Onlyoffice, a collaborative tool as simple as it is powerful


Accessible from any web browser, Onlyoffice is a paid cloud office suite. This 100% online application pack is compatible with computers running Windows, Linux and MacOS. Android and iOS mobile device users can also benefit from it. Launched in 2009, this suite includes a spreadsheet with 450 distinct functions. Editors pay particular attention to illustrations which are obtained without too much manipulation.

Onlyoffice spreadsheets have the same offers as Excel, including filter and sorting tools. The real difference would be the collaborative aspect. Co-authors can make comments or even modify the data in the cells. Which makes this spreadsheet an ideal tool for teleworking. In terms of compatibility, this program allows exports to files. xlsx,. ods as well as. csv. Content extracted from the Cloud can also be directly flattened into PDF format.

LibreOffice CALC, a simple but effective tool

Created by The Document Foundation, LibreOffice Calc is part of an alternative free office suite. This spreadsheet has been available for free since 2011 and is catching on among Linux computer owners. That said, this work tool is also compatible with Windows and MacOS. An Android version is also published for mobile device users. The LibreOffice spreadsheet, like the rest of the open source office pack, is astonishingly fluid.

Limited to 256 spreadsheets, LibreOffice Calc has already won the esteem of academics and professionals for its clarity. Focused on the essentials, its attractive appearance also has its fans. Organized into workbooks and cells, the Calc software includes most of the Microsoft Excel features. It even allows you to create dynamic cross tables. Files saved from open source software in format. ods (open document spreadsheet) are compatible with Microsoft’s spreadsheet.

Apple Numbers, the alternative dedicated to the Mac


As its name suggests, Apple Numbers is software designed for the MacOS or iOS environment. It is aimed at Apple brand computers, but also at mobile terminals. The tool can work directly through a browser. Changes can be made from any Apple device connected to the Internet. Synchronization is done in real time. It is possible to work with several people on the same file.

Apple Numbers users find it easy to translate statistical data into structured graphs. The application offers curves that are both dynamic and animated. Which is what makes it so attractive. In any case, the design of this spreadsheet really changes from the rather summary and unchanging presentation of Microsoft Excel.

GNumeric, a calculation solution for Linux


Those who have built their own computer as a beginner will be able to equip it with GNumeric. This open source software allows low configuration devices to perform complex calculations. Compatible with .xls and. ods, it is characterized by low data transmission saving terminal resources.

A true spreadsheet, Gnumeric also allows you to obtain graphics from cells and workbooks. Some companies use it for their regular reporting. This exclusive application for the Linux ecosystem is only available in English. That said, the Menu bar is pretty self-explanatory. The formulas are preset with codes such as SUM for a total and AVERAGE for an average.